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APC chieftain jailed for accusing Bala Mohammed of stealing 1bn

On Thursday, Bauchi state police command unconditionally accused the All Progressives Congress (APC), Umar Mai Fata, before the High Court of Magistrates 11, for allegedly making a false accusation in a radio program against Gov Bala Mohammed.

The police prosecutor, Inspector Ayuba Danladi, file a case on behalf of the state police commissioner.

He told the court that Mai Fata stated that Bala took the sum of $ 1 billion from the government coffers to finance the recent election of the governor in the state of Bayelsa, where he was chairman of the PDP campaign committee.

During the session, the defendant’s lawyer, barrister Usman Bappha, asked the court to give him five minutes to leave and bring some legal documents for his defense.

However, after 30 minutes when the lawyer did not return to the courtroom, the prosecutor urged the court to suspend the hearing until the lawyer was closed.

In his sentence, the president of the judge Safiya Doma suspended the session until December 23, 2019 and also ordered that the defendant be sent back to prison until the next suspension date.