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Edo election: Mixed reactions trail disqualification of Obaseki by APC

The Nigerians shared their different views on the disqualification of the current governor of the state Edo Godwin Obaseki for his political party, the Congress All Progressives, APC.

POST DAILS reported that a panel from the party’s National Labor Committee, NWC, conducted an evaluation of their would-be governors before the June 22 primaries.

Prior to the screening, Obaseki had raised the alarm that the APC national president, comrade Adams Oshiomhole, was planning to announce his disqualification during a press conference.

However, shortly after the charges, the chairman of the APC selection committee Jonathan Ayuba announced the disqualification of Obaseki while presenting his report at Oshiomhole at the party’s National Secretariat in Abuja.

Aruba said Obaseki was disqualified because of a defective certificate.

While some Nigerians on social media accused the current governor of being unfair and biting the finger that fed him, others believed that Obaseki was only a victim of the party’s primacy.

Here are some thoughts of the Nigerians on Twitter:

@DeeOneAyekooto, “Democracy was good when Obaseki wanted to use the court order to remove Oshiomole, but democracy is in danger because Obaseki has been disqualified because of certification problems. Continue to show your vulgarity.”

@AdemolaDurojaiy, “Democracy was sweet when it prevented and still prevents a total of 14 members from swearing in for a year, but is now in peril when disqualified. Let everyone judge their case and see how it hurts. ”

@ Rufaihakeem2, “What finally turns comes. The pain of losing the APC presidential seat against the pain of losing the second-term governor’s seat. ”

@ OsindeindeOluw2, “Obaseki received all the support when he was bravely fighting against who called him to fame. We must understand that erring is human, a so-called God the Father could behave badly, but it could be solved inside the house and not cause public shame. APC will win on September 19th. ”

@Wadayahayawada, “Obaseki is just a misguided politician who has been deceived by the same people who never supported him in his first election.”

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@Adeyanjudeji, “Obaseki should consult Udom and Wike on how to deal with stubborn godfathers. There was nothing APC didn’t do in Rivers, they failed. Udom dragged Akpabio as if it were better to pass my gene close.

@iamjohnsonemma, “I talked about it.
This is the opportunity that Wike has been waiting for. Obaseki should use the election playbook for Wike’s victory. If you go to the PDP, it will be a struggle to end. Wike, Udom and the delta will unite.

@ MalachyOdo1 “, 4 years ago, Ize-Iyamu, according to Adams Oshiomhole, was a deserter who was unable to hold public office, while Obaseki was an intellectual whose certificates were impeccable. Today the certificates of Governor Obaseki are DEFECTIVE, while Ize Iyamu is perfect.
The primacy of the party “.

@biolakazeem, “If you are going to participate in party politics and have a problem with party supremacy, you are not yet ready to be a politician. Party supremacy was adapted to Obaseki in 2016 and has not complained. It doesn’t suit him in 2020 and suddenly the problem is the supremacy of the party. ”

@ CACCO11, “Obaseki should go to any available party and test its popularity. If you’ve ruled a state for 4 years and believe you are qualified to do another 4 years, you don’t need a sponsor or “known party” to do it. Your results over the past 4 years should speak for you. ”

@ Hailfinger1, “Governor Obaseki was qualified to compete on the @OfficialAPCNg platform in 2016, but did not qualify in 2020. He presented the same credentials in 2020 as in 2016. The only difference is that he has refused to apply to The Oshiomhole dictations. . APC is a big scam. ”

@ Chudy2003, “The results of court cases across the country, particularly the Bayelsa state governorate, have prompted political parties to analyze candidates more closely than previously done. Time has changed! I candidates can no longer cope in 2016. “

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