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I will recover every penny looted from Imo treasury – Uzodinma

Senator of the governor of the state of Imo, Hope Uzodinma, said that his government will recover every penny stolen from the state treasury by its predecessors.

Uzodinma governor said it on Friday in Owerri when addressing state stakeholders, including his deputy, Professor Placid Njoku.

He said his government, which is based on reconstruction, rehabilitation and recovery, will ensure a sanitized system in the state where Imo taxpayers’ money is not taken by some greedy people to the detriment of the vast majority.

“We have disinfected the public service system and we will have no problems with ghost workers or deceased people who receive wages and pensions.

“Make it sound like a warning note, following the new land use charge law, all state landowners are asked to revalidate their ownership certificate, otherwise the government will not hesitate to return their lands to the owners. originals when the need arises.

“I tell you here and now, any land in the state previously assigned to individuals or groups by previous governments, be it hotels or guesthouses belonging to the government, will be recovered by the government,” he added.

In the meantime, he promised that workers’ wages will be paid without delay because, according to him, the government has simplified it through the new automated system.

However, he wished all Imo people a happy day of democracy, promising better days in advance.

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