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Thunder kills 18 suspected kidnappers while sharing ransom in Adamawa

A thunderstorm killed 18 suspected kidnappers in a forest in the state of Adamawa.

Sources said that the men of the underworld were sharing the ransom money they got from their victims when thunder hit them.

The accident occurred in the local government area of ​​Toungo, according to local sources.

Toungo is a city and area of ​​local government in the southern part of the state of Adamawa, on the border between Nigeria and Cameroon.

“The bandits reportedly collected over N20 million of their wealthy victims between Koncha in Cameroon and Toungo in Nigeria,” said a source in Toungo.

According to the source, the alleged kidnappers ended because the angry victims turned into spirits against them.

Irritated by the relentless attacks by the kidnappers, community leaders and victims consulted a native doctor to send thunder after the bandits. They met with their Waterloo when they met to share the money, “said the source, adding that local hunters have been unable to recover their bodies or their money from some bags, as well as their weapons.

Dama Suleiman Nguroje, public relations officer of the Adamawa police, said on Friday morning that the incident actually occurred in Cameroon territory near the Nigerian border.

“We have heard that the victims have taken on the services of a native doctor, but it is said to have happened in neighboring Cameroon, which is not under our jurisdiction,” said Nguroje.

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