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A dog is more loyal than a slay queen – Reno Omokri says

Reno Omokri is one of the critics of social networks who knows how to move with their unconventional opinions about certain things, particularly relationships.

Recently, he went to his Instagram page to refer to women who are often called dogs. According to him, dogs are even more faithful than the bushes he describes as the worst enemy of man.

He wrote: “SLAY QUEENS who insult men by calling them dogs obviously don’t know dogs. I am yet to meet a SLAY QUEEN as LOYAL as a dog. Feed a dog ONCE, and it will remember you FOREVER. Feed a SLAY QUEEN FOREVER and she will forget you ONCE you are BROKE.”

“In fact, she will delete your number the day you can no longer foot her bills, or she may save it with the words ‘BROKE MAN, DONT PICK!’. Given that this is the case, who should be insulting who between a SLAY QUEEN and a dog? A dog is man’s best earthly friend. A SLAY QUEEN is man’s worst earthly enemy “

This is not the first time Omokri is sharing what he likes to call, Reno Nuggets.