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A poll reveals 1 out of 10 SAns believe man has right to beat wife

At least one out of 10 South Africans believes a man has the right to beat his wife or partner, according to a poll.

In the survey compiled by Tammy Petersen, around 3,600 people were interviewed across the country earlier this year.

The Ipsos poll examined the opinions of a woman in marital relations and violence against women, News24 reports.

More than six in 10 people believed that a woman would have to obey her husband or partner, who, according to Ipsos, illustrated a deeply rooted paternalism and a conservative vision in our society, seeing a woman as a possession rather than as an individual self “.

A little more women than men agree with the statement, according to the results.

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Young people were less likely to agree. In the age group 15 to 17, 51% agree.

While the majority – 78% – did not agree that a husband had the right to physically attack his partner, levels of agreement that physical abuse was acceptable was still “alarmingly high”, Ipsos said.

Levels of disagreement were highest when subjects thought about themselves as individuals, but decreased when it came to their opinion of what the community thought.

The information was gathered between March 22 and April 17 following 3 600 interviews with randomly selected respondents.