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Abia Police to take a decisive action if Nnamdi Kanu returns for mother’s burial

Abia state Police promised to take decisive action against the leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu if he returns to Nigeria from his mother’s funeral.

This follows the news that has become viral that Kanu would return home from his mother’s funeral.

Abia State Police Commissioner, Jan Okon sounded loud and clear that the state police will not forgive Kanu if he sets foot in Abia.

Okon said this was due to the fact that the IPOB leader was declared wanted.

The PC, in an interview with The Sun, also warned that the police will not hesitate to arrest any member of the IPOB who wants to identify themselves as belonging to the pro Biafra group during the funeral.

IPOB had said that its leader, Kanu, would return home for his mother’s funeral.

He said, “Well, if members of IPOB are speculating that, the police do not know that one. What I know is that Nnmadi Kanu jumped bail and escaped and is wanted and remains a wanted man.

“Until that time, but I couldn’t tell you about police action on anything that is speculation, until he comes.

“If he comes back and submits himself to the police, police will know what to do at that time. Like I said earlier, we do not deal on speculation, but if actually he will come back, then we will know what to do.

“If he submits himself, we have to take him before the court, but where if he fails to submit himself to the police if he comes back, he is a wanted man; he is a wanted man and the law on somebody that is wanted is clear.

“Even you as a private person or civilian can arrest a wanted man and hand him over to the police. Then what will police do? If someone is wanted and police sees that person, definitely he will be arrested by the police and handed over to the court.

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“Did he jump bail or not? He had a case in court, he was granted bail, and he jumped bail. So, when somebody jumps bail, what do you call that one?

“If he claims he did not do anything, he that will be an illusion, living in the inclination of the grandeur. The fact remains that he jumped bail and escaped; and he is wanted, he is wanted. So, that is the position.

“The court will decide and not the police. But the fact remains that once any person is declared wanted, wherever the police see him in any corner of Nigeria, the person will be arrested.

“That has to do with international law and a lot of things are involved that require going through Interpol.

“Some people believe Nigeria police is acting as local lords in this matter. Why has it not initiated that move for Interpol to get the IPOB leader arrested?

“That’s a question I cannot answer, there is international dimension to it. The Federal Government has to come in here.

“You know Nigeria is a member of Interpol, a member of international organizations that have treaties; it has to go through these treaties, conventions and all that.

“You can’t just jump over some of these things and you say you want to arrest somebody, no, there are procedures.

“We are in a country that has treaties with other countries, we need a whole lot of laws and all that and you have to go through all those procedures, it’s not a day’s job.”