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Abisola Aiyeola Biography: Net Worth, Awards, Movies, House & Cars

Real Name: Abisola Aiyeola

Date of Birth: Born on January 21, 1986

Age: 32 years old (2019)

State of origin: Not specific


Occupation: Actress, Tv Personality,Singer

Net Worth: Under Review


Abisola Aiyeola Biography


Albisola Aiyeola popularly known as Bisola is an actress, singer, MC and Nigerian-British presenter. She is an artist presenter and television host Billboard Nigeria who airs on TV Silver Bird 2011-2013. His fame began when he competed in the 2008 edition of MTN fame project, which became bigger, after having participated and being the first finalist of the Big Brother Naija 20117 television program.


Bisola is beautiful, delicious and passionate. It’s brilliant and shamefully funny. Entertainment Nigeria must be careful! Voice & Face of present WFM 91.7 Albisola GRACE AIYEOLA.
“Nigerian entertainment takes care of me! I know the spotlight in 2008 thanks to my talent as a singer that led me to one of the biggest stadiums of the musical talents of competition in Africa; MTN Project Fame West Africa 2008 Season 1, I participated in the final phase of the competition, as one of the last five.
I wanted more, so I found myself on television as a guest on Billboard Nigeria, which aired on the Silverbird 2011-2013 television. I love fun and I make my way gently Nollywood Nigera having appeared in over 15 films including “Forever with us”, “the president for a day”, “The patient”, “The outlaws”, “Diary of a couple of Niger “To name a few.
Although my “mother” gave birth in Britain, all I need to do to make the connection to my environment laugh is what happens every day. ”

Career and life

Albisola Aiyeola is one of the partners of BB Casa Naija in 2017. He is quite energetic, talented and loved by fans of the reality show. Bisola is lively and has a strong personality. He can barely go unnoticed. Either you love it or you hate it. Some also call it “Jenifa” of the house.

His fame began when he competed in the 2008 MTN fame project and this is what you have to say about how the competition helped; “Project Fame helped me in the film industry. The first director I worked with was a D.O.P in the fame of the project” – revealed Bisola.
“The first and second directors I worked with were working on project fame, so that helped us.” NAbisola is part of the WFM 91.7 radio station (the first radio station in Nigeria for women and their families).
Albisola says he was a spoiled child up to 8 years old when his wealthy family encountered some serious obstacles. I had to move to a rural area of ​​Nigeria where he lived with cousins ​​who sell makeup and had another great chance in life when he finished fifth in a real singing competition.
Bisola is one of the roommates in Big Brother TV Naija 2017. The multi-talented woman has always known how to get attention from day one I am in the audition room of Fame project.
She still teleques her business in the entertainment industry, reveals her comic side, and uses her voice to charm her listeners on her radio program on Nigeria’s first women’s radio station: WFM 91.7.
Bisola has also deepened the Nollywood sector, presenting films such as “The life of a Nigerian couple” and “forever with us”.
A proud mother of a beautiful daughter and a success story for many. I had to move to a rural area of ​​Nigeria where he lived with cousins ​​that there is no trick and had another great chance in life when he finished fifth in a real singing competition.

British, born and currently studying Business Administration at the National Open University of Nigeria, he is one of the best in Nigeria in the making. Characterized in more than you are one of the best imitators you’ve ever met.
Her enthusiasm and her vast knowledge of the entertainment industry, she believes that “just because women do not have much physical strength, like men does not mean they cannot take on that responsibility.”
She is a mother driven daily passion to make the world a better place for her daughter, for every child and for every child.
His motto is to always be happy and live every day as if it were your last. He is happy to be part of the WFM91.7 movement.

Bisola, the fan favorite, was seen kissing tall and thin Tony (TTT) as his in-depth and Internet romance was going crazy because Tony is supposed to have been married.
One person who will surely attack Bisola was the controversial actor Nollywood Maduagwu Uche, who questioned his morality and said all sorts of things. He said: “Most girls can’t even be faithful to his kisses, kiss almost the entire community and still say” I love you “.
The publication of the actor Uche Maduagwu on Instagram.
He concluded by saying: “Don’t give bad names to all good girls from Nigeria with your unprotected kisses


Photos of TTT with his family have gone viral since and some people are making jokes about his wife beating Bisola after the show. and about her being a homewrecker.

The people who defend Bisola say they most likely don’t know about their marriage or their family. What is surprising is that nobody seems to focus on the main culprit: TTT, who is married and continues to be involved with her.
Everything fell last night after his house party. Thin Tall Tony is a married man with two children, Bisola has a girlfriend. They kissed endlessly without moderation and remorse before passing under the duvet and what appears to be that Bisola is giving ThinTallTony a blow or manual labor.

Bisola, who was romantically involved with ThinTallTony while at BBNaija’s home, said she didn’t see the need to have a conversation with him about why she hid the fact that he’s married to her children.
He had already addressed the subject at an informational meeting in South Africa after she (Bisola) had noticed it surprisingly and pointed to the faith on TTT’s finger.

Reacting further, he said: “I just found out that Thin Tall Tony is married, he has a family and, in my opinion, I would like to say:” Uncle, you are an incredible actor.
“Well, I didn’t think I was going to go out and have some kind of romance with you; I hope your wife didn’t treat you too much.

“But somehow I feel a little betrayed for having betrayed the friendship I thought I had, I thought we could really be close friends outside the house.”
“So, yes, Tony, I hope your family is doing very well, well done for you, for them, you feel a little betrayed, we have been very close, come on, we share many things together.
“This thing you didn’t say, I don’t know why, anyway, it’s your choice, you played the game the best way you know how to do it.”
ThinTallTony, who is married and has two children, hid her marital status during her stay at home before being evicted.


Bisola Aiyeola Age

How old is Efe? Efe was Born on February 25, 1993, currently 26yr old as at 2019


Abisola Aiyeola Education

Which school did Abisola Aiyeola attend? Abisola Aiyeola studies business administration at the National Open University of Nigeria. She is one of the best actresses in Nigeria, Nollywood, who has appeared in several local films. She is one of the best imitators you’ve ever met and very good at comedy. The famous Briton in Nigeria is a woman who loves haste because he believes that “just because women do not have the same physical strength as men does not mean that they cannot take on so many responsibilities”.

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About Abisola Aiyeola parent

His family was not poor or rich, but he had everything he had always needed as a child. But things became very difficult for them at the age of 8 when their rich family encountered some important obstacles. He had to move to a rural area of Nigeria, where he lived with cousins who sold makeup and had another chance in the great life when he arrived fifth in a reality singing competition.


Abisola Aiyeola daughter

Bisola Aiyeola and daughter in dresses


Abisola Aiyeola Net Worth

Putting all his assets and endorsement deals into consideration, Abisola Aiyeola is under estimation


Bisola Aiyeola : Age, Height & Weight

Bisola Aiyeola’s age 32 years (as in 2018), height Unknown & weight Not Available. Dress & Shoe size will be added soon.

Bisola Aiyeola Dead or Alive?

Famous Reality Star Bisola Aiyeola is still alive (as per Wikipedia, Last update: December, 2018).

Some Facts About Bisola Aiyeola

  1. Bisola Aiyeola’s age 32 years.
  2. She has a daughter who she has raised as a single parent.
  3. Birthday January 21 and Born on 1986.
  4. She hails from the Nigerian state of Lagos. She attended the University of Lagos, University of Illorin and Federal Polytechnic Bida.
  5. Birth Sign Aquarius.
  6. She became popular on Instagram after participating in the Falz Ello Bae Challenge. She currently has around 1.2 million followers.


Abisola Aiyeola House


Abisola Aiyeola Cars

Image result for Abisola Aiyeola cars



Bisola Aiyeola said nothing contributes to my success more than BBNaija

Bisola Aiyeola, winner of the ‘Trail Blazer’ award Spectators The reigning champion Africa magic Choice and first place winner at Big Brother Naija 2017, wrote an emotional message for the reality show organizers in an Instagram publication to appreciate all that it happened in your life in a year

It was a deja vu for the mother and all the praise when she remembered the exact day she left the program last year. Bisola Aiyeola “” Today is a kind of birthday for me. A year ago, I left the Big Brother House as a runner-up and started a journey that surpassed my wildest dreams.

People always ask me about my time at home, but the truth is that none of us imagined the exaggeration that surrounded everything we were doing and how they would change our lives. I am still surprised when I travel around the world and people come to me to wish me the best and sometimes I even mention something, I said a year ago. I came into the house with a single purpose: to reach so many people and show my talent.

When I think of the things that my experience of Big Brother has allowed me to do in the last 12 months, it is difficult to do without overwhelming gratitude. It allowed me a wider selection in the type of projects I do.

It gave me the opportunity to add my voice to the suffering of our girls who have the smallest voices in our country. The most important thing is that it has allowed me to be closer to all of you, “he said.

World TV show of the Women Program relaunched to improve – Clara Chizoba Kronborg Although many people do not remember, before being in Big Brother House, Bisola participated in a research program in musical talent, Hunger Project West Africa in 2008, where he achieved the fifth place. .

Then she became a TV presenter for Billboard Nigeria and also played a leading role in the television series “The Life of a Nigerian Couple”. However, it did not become a household name until 2017, when it became the first finalist in the “See Gobe” program of Big Brother Naija.

In this sense, Bisola has spent most of his time in the home of Big Brother Naija to advance his musical career and act, achieving a management agreement with the Management Company temple that already houses big names like Don Jazzy , iyanya, 9ice, Nigerian sprinter Seye Ogunlewe; and has released an EP and music videos. Since leaving the program, he has attended the 72nd United Nations General Assembly in New York as an ambassador. A Campaign initiative, has won more roles in films and won the “Trail Blazer” of the AMVCA Award in 2018, a result that he says this is more proud. of.


 I regret my baby daddy was not alive to celebrate my victory with me —Ex-BBN star, Bisola 

Bisola Aiyeola, former partner of the 2017 edition of Big Brother Naija reality show and singer, bisa Aiyeola expressed deep regret for the death of his father father, Olanrewaju Malcolm, saying that “it would have been nice to be close to celebrating with her as he left with the Trail Blazers award to the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards this year, AMVCA.

The awards ceremony took place Saturday evening at the Eko and Suites hotel in Victoria Island, Lagos. Bisola Biola not only won the prize, but also returned home with the car key, as the prize is delivered with a new car, offered by Multi Choice Nigeria. Unfortunately, the child’s father, who was a veteran art manager and promoter, died a few days on the award ceremony at the Model Specialist Hospital, Surulere. Bisola regretted that Malcolm was close to seeing her win the coveted prize because, according to her, she knew something about her journey.

“It has been a sad week for me, but I am also happy to have won this award. It is not just for me, it is for my family, it is for people who have seen it made me grow and also for those who have seen the my trip No, it would have been nice if he was around to see that I won because I knew something about the trip.

But I’m sure he would have been smiling down, “he said in a conversation with WG. On whether the show as a former BBN service partner gave mileage to winning the prize, the most talented artist responded in reverse , insisting that he has been traveling for a long time.

“I have been on this trip. I started in the entertainment industry from 2006 and 2008, participated in MTN West Africa Hunger Project. I acted before participating in Big Brother Naija 2017 and now we are here after BBN.

So I wouldn’t say that BBN gave me the mileage I’m getting now. I stress this because many people might think that I woke up one day and went to an audition. “I auditioned for eight years before finally reaching BBN in 2017 and at that time he was the big brother of Africa for which he was auditioned, so it was a journey and he didn’t give up,” he explained.



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