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Accord Party blasts Ikpeazu, PDP, saying the Governor’s re-election is fraud

Following the outcome of the governor’s election on March 9, held in Abia, declares the Chairman of the Understanding Party (AP) Ogbonnaya Uma, said the candidate and head of the Popular Democratic Party, Governor Okezie Ikpeazu does not deserve to be re-elected for the second position.

He argued that the latest government survey in the state and Ikpeazu’s subsequent declaration as winner of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) was totally fraudulent.

Umah said the government led by the PDP in Abia, was taking advantage of the hunger created by the insensitive political class in the state, to deny the people good governance of the state.

The president of the PA who spoke in a statement released to journalists at Umuahia on Monday morning also defended the All Progressives flag bearer in Congress, in the newly concluded March 9 election in Abia, Dr. Uchechukwu Ogah, noting that the APC The candidate remained the best alternative for the economic and infrastructural development of the state.

Part of the declaration reads. “Ikpeazu won the election as governor of the State of Abia, not because Dr. Uche Ogah did better campaign or visited the communities of Abia but he never won the elections on the basis of merit, integrity, responsibility, the popularity, intelligence, indisputable character, ideas and goals, but the fraud and exploitation of hunger created by insensitive political class.the masses are hungry and believed that 2k could prepare a soup and appease their tastes, so they bowed to pressure of hunger by selling their votes to the PDP candidate Ikpeazu against Dr. Ogah.

“Hunger has always been and will always be hunger the best weapon in the hands of the ruling class to subdue people, a hungry man is a sick man and when a man is sick, caring for your health more than anything else I was part of most of the campaigns on the ground for the 2019 general election, since I have candidates competing for the Senate building and the House of Representatives, although some of my candidates joined APC and saw many things, like people begging us for money, including bread and sachets, water because of hunger and the level of poverty in the state of Abia, created by evil political leaders.

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“We arrived in a city where women asked for bread and we complained energetically of hunger, we could not resist, but we bought bread and water for the love of humanity, not for political reasons. So I asked myself: how will these people resist and will the political thieves refuse when the elections arrive? There my hope began to tremble because I perceived that money could prevail against good character, integrity and competence To solve the Abia State electoral fraud, the odious taste and the shortcomings, we must solve the problem of hunger, since hunger is the best weapon in the hands of neofunctional politicians.

“Losing the choice does not mean having lost the voice. Dr. Ogah has always been and always will be the voice of the oppressed in society. Whether people understand it or not, I believe that once hunger is overcome, which is the biggest enemy of the true democratic practice in the state of Abia, the electorate will be able to clearly identify their true enemies and true friends in politics

“The men of the party (supporters) that the candidates always use to buy votes from weak people during the elections should know that the darkness, suffering and hunger do not know the political party to which they belong. Suffering and hunger recognize you only as a human being and you will be treated as a man of hunger. Therefore, be careful and consider the future of your generation, since you will not be saved by the mismanagement of those who bought votes for yesterday “.

We recall that Latestalert reported that Governor Okezie Ikpeazu of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, was declared the winner of the 2019 governor’s election in the state of Abia.

Ikpeazu interviewed the total number of 261,127 by defeating Uche Ogah of the All Progressive Congress, APC, and Alex Otti of the Great Alliance of All Progressives, APGA.

He was declared the winner by the return official of the INEC, Professor Benjamin Ozumba.