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AY Comedian Biography: Net Worth, Age, House, and Cars



Stage Name: AY Comedian

Real Name: Ayodeji Richard Makun

Date of Birth: Born on August 19, 1971

Age: 47 years old (2019)

State of origin: Warri

Nationality: Nigeria

Occupation: Actor, comedian, radio and TV presenter

Net Worth: $750 million

AY Comedian Biography

It’s called Ayo Makun (Ayodeji Richard Makun), but it is popularly known under the stage name A.Y, is a comedian, presenter, actor, screenwriter, director and MC of multiple talents, winner of numerous awards. Ayo Makun aka A. And is one of the most successful and witty comedians that Nigeria has produced. It is one of the most creative and enviable Nigerian comic acts.

R. And the talented comedian was born on August 19th. He is originally from Ifon, the local government of Ose in the state of Ondo, but prefers to call him “Warri boy” because he has all the characteristics that would have made him believe in that part of Nigeria. He is the guest of the live shows of A.Y and of the comedy comedy of A.Y. His first film, “30 Days in Atlanta”, which was recorded as one of the most popular Nigerian films of all time, was produced by him and directed by Robert O. Peters. It turns out that A.Y is one of the most elegant Nigerian stand-up comedians and loves to act in his white robe, he is the C.E.O of Corporate World Entertainment Nigeria. The most successful Nigerian celebrity in 2009 was named United Nations ambassador for peace.

It is very playful, simple and direct to the Nigerian comic, it is very easy to find and has no pride, but humility. The great comedian was able to create a brand that is respected throughout the country and has proven to be a consolidated authority as Compere, Comedian, radio and television presenter, promoter, producer, actor, director, screenwriter and event director. . He is one of the rich Nigerian comedians who managed to accumulate wealth with his humor / hysterical way that is able to make you laugh for days.

Their television and live shows have become the most loved and watched program, especially by families. He has proved himself worthy of being trustworthy in his entertainment business, he is an idol for many young people who aspire to be like him in the future and are widely trusted by individuals and families throughout the country and abroad. He was able to bring home several prizes, ink backups and ambassadors as a result of his creative abilities, his experience in promoting shows and his ingenious skill.

With his experience and his talent in the entertainment world, it is now obvious that he is starting, that more successes are coming and that he has come to stay. His AY Live is one of the largest and most sought-after comedy shows in Africa, where he presents other comedians such as Bovi, Helen Paul, Elenu, Gordons and many other comedians. In 2011, the comedian of the year at the City People Entertainment Awards.

R.Y is the first child of a family of seven members of Ifon, in the state of Ondo. He was born and raised in the Delta State, which is one of the obvious reasons why Waferian lives and prefers to be considered a complete Warri child. He started his commotion from the beginning like every other Nigerian celebrity. His first contact with fame was when he passed off as Reverend Chris Okotie in his funny jokes, he started doing it very well in 2006 and was crowned as best comedian in Nigeria.

The first record he established was when he became the first student to direct a production call in the history of the Theater Arts Department of Delta State University, the same school he graduated in 2003. He received numerous awards and accolades during the their school days, including: The most modern student on campus (1999 and 2000); The most famous student of the campus (2001), Best promoter of the entertainment world (2001), Prize of the sociocultural personality Jaycee club (2003) and most famous Student Theater Arts (2003).


Career Beginning

Ayo Makun became a popular figure in the Nigerian entertainment scene after working with Alibaba Akporobome as his personal assistant and event manager. A. He also wrote “A.Y wire” as a guest columnist on The Sun (Nigeria) and also wrote another monthly column titled Jokes apart in “laugh mattaz” by Gbenga Adeyinka. His AY Live program was also presented by him on The Morning Drive every Friday from 6 to 10 on Rhythm 93.7 FM, Lagos.

AY wrote the column, Going AY-Wire as a guest columnist for The Sun Newspapers, Nigeria’s most popular National Daily, and also wrote another monthly column entitled Separate Jokes in Gbenga’s monthly comic magazine Adeyinka, Laffmatazz. The multipurpose comedian also presented The AY Live on The Morning Drive every Friday from 6 to 10 on Rhythm 93.7 FM, Lagos.

AY became famous after starring in the “Night of the Thousand Ride”, a comedy show presented by Oppa Williams. He is currently a guest on AY Live shows, AY comedy parodies and AY cribs that he usually publishes on YouTube. He is very skilled, creative and talented.

AY has become the “father” of many upcoming artists and has created acts that are performing well in the sector, through the monthly Open Mic Challenge by AY held every third Sunday, at the National Theater and later the hotel and entertainment tent federal palace casino. , Lagos.

The AY Show, perhaps the best comedy on Nigerian television, is broadcast on many terrestrial television stations throughout the country, including Africa Magic, winner of the BEST TV COMEDY SHOW in 2008, and since its inception it has become a must for the your large number of fans.

In 2008, AY won six awards, which made him one of the most successful artists in Nigeria. In 2009, AY won the Best Comedian Award in Nigeria at the City People Entertainment Awards. He also won Nigeria’s most creative comedian at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards.

AY is currently the CEO of Corporate World Entertainment. His first film “30 days in Atlanta” was directed by a Hollywood director, Robert Peters. The film has seen celebrities from Nollywood, Hollywood and Ghana. The film was shot in Lagos, Accra and New York.

As a cabaret investor, AY has influenced many comedians through his AY “Open Mic Challenge” which brought comedians like Akpororo and Elenu to the fore.


AY Comedian Parent (father$Mother)

Ay comedian Parent are yet to be known to the public, we will keep you updated as soon as we get latest update about his parent

AY Comedian Wife

The comedian is happily married. His wife’s name is Mabel Makun. The couple got married in 2008 and their union is blessed by a son (daughter); Michelle

Like AY, his wife, Mabel, is also a successful business woman. It owns an interior decorating company called Midas Interiors, one of the most important interior decoration lines in Lagos.

In recent years, the marriage of AY and Mabel has been invaded by several malicious voices. The biggest of them was the one who claimed that the couple separated and Mabel left her matrimonial home. This has been comically dispelled by the comedian of the star as totally false.


AY Live Shows

The most popular comedy show in Nigeria is, without a doubt, AY Live. AY Live is an annual event that welcomes the best Nigerian comedians and talents. The program debuted both at home and abroad, with millions of viewers.

Prominent comedians like Helen Paul, Gordons, Kenny Blaq, I Go Dye, Bovi and many others appear at the event. Moreover, AY Live has been, over the years, a platform on which many Nigerian comedians stand out. The rise of the comedian, Kenny Blaq, is a perfect example.

The comedy show was the biggest entertainment event in Nigeria in the last five or six years. It is an event that brings together many prominent personalities from Nigeria and beyond. AY Live has won several AY Makun awards, ranging from major awards like the Nigerian Entertainment Award to lesser-known prizes like the Teens Favorite Award.

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AY Comedian Age

How old is AY Comedian? AY Comedian was Born on August 19, 1971, currently 47yr old as at 2019

AY Comedian Education

Which School did AY Comedian attended? AY Comedian attended Delta State University, Abraka. He graduated in 2003 as the most famous student of theater art. A. And has also won other awards, as the most fashionable student on campus (1999 and 2000); best business promoter (2001); the most famous student on campus (2001) and the socio-personality award of the Jaycee club (2003).

AY Comedian Net Worth

Putting all his assets and endorsement deals into consideration, AY Comedian has an estimated net worth of $750 million US Dollar, according to several sources,

AY Comedian Net Worth in naira

Efe net worth in naira is Calculated to be #270,000,000,000 billion naira with the conversion rate of #360 per dollar ($750,000.00 * 360 = 270,000,000,000)

AY Comedian House

Ay comedian House

The comedian is an owner of the lagos landlords. His million dollar villa is located in Lekki, on the island of Lagos. While the structural design of the house is a masterpiece, the interiors are striking. The exclusive interior decoration of the house was created by AY Makun’s wife, Mabel Makun, who is a professional interior designer.


AY Comedian Cars

Image result for Ay comedian carsImage result for Ay comedian cars

Awards and Nominations


*.Comedian of the year: Diamond Awards for Comedy
*.Comedian of the year: Teens Favorite
*.Comedian of the year: MBG Abuja Merit Awards
*.Comedian of the year: National Daily Awards
*.Comedian of the year: Arsenal Award for Excellence
*.Comedian of the year: Mode Men of the year Awards

*.U.N Peace Ambassador

*.Comedian of the year: Nigerian Entertainment Awards [ 6 ]

*.Most creative Entrepreneur of the year, (comedy category) :C.E.A.N


AY got a multimillion naira endorsement deal with Haven Homes as their brand ambassador which was said to be worth 60million naira in 2011



  • 10 Days in Sun City
  • A Trip to Jamaica
  • The Wedding Party
  • 30 Days in Alanta
  • Being Mrs Elliot
  • The Accidental Spy
  • Lodgers
  • Stalkers



AY Comedian reveal the secret of his marriage 

The popular street dance, Shaku Shaku, came and went and was quickly replaced by another dance, Zanku. However, Zanku’s origin did not become a problem until the famous Nigerian comedian, AY Comedian, declared on his Instagram page that he was the founder of the dance. To reinforce his point, he released a video of himself dancing in one of his live AY concerts many years ago.

Many people believe that Zanku’s dance was popularized by Zlatan Ibile.

But the comedian AY, who has about 4.7 million followers, said: “Every time the prophet AY appears on stage, he does the Zanku dance. This is the merit of the Prophet AY; The origin of Zanku will be shaken by AY live “.

After this video, there was speculation that the comedian intended to get credit for the folk dance.

“I am not contesting (Zanku) with anyone, I just caught people’s attention to let them know that I did a dance like that a long time ago, we leave the credit for those who made the dance popular, but before it was discovered and I’ll Call the Niger river, I’m sure there were people swimming in it, “he said.

Asked how he was able to maintain success in the entertainment industry, although many people do not consider him the most entertaining comedian in Nigeria, AY said it is proof that talent is not enough.

“It’s nice to know that you know that AY is not the funniest comedian in Nigeria. Consistency and hard work in many ways have confirmed that talent is not enough. Within the entertainment circle, we all have our strengths and of weakness.

“It’s like saying that someone is the best student of mathematics without integrating it with other subjects, you can compare it with the student who gets an average in mathematics and 100% in other subjects. I think that the general and continuous evaluation would push the weaker mathematicians towards success, “he said.

When asked about the secret of his successful marriage, he attributed it to the grace of God and to the fact that he married his friend.

“Staying married is not what anybody can brag about. Some people are just lucky to enjoy grace by marrying their true friends who can tolerate their excesses. My wife and I approach our marriage with the idea that we will both work together on “being married” every day. Staying married for me and my PA (Personal Angel) is a daily work in progress.

“We don’t ignore problems when we first notice them. We work on them before they fester and explode. We try to treat each other like a date and with respect too. We try not to take each other for granted,” he told Saturday Beats.


AY Slams Fan Who Called Alibaba A ‘Yahoo Man” Over N1m Tickets

A comedian, Ayo Makun struck a fan who asked him to advise the veteran comedian, Alibaba, on how he publishes his show.

Reacting to the publication of Alibaba for the Yahoo guys and their supporters to avoid it because they just want to associate with the people who raise them, the lady also informed that the comedian will stop selling tickets for the comedy show for N1million Naira and above.

According to her, the veteran who always speaks against “the Yahoo guys” is also a yahoo man.

In response, AY hit her and said she had to take care of her business and stop complaining on behalf of those who can afford the comedy show.

Ayo makun, Alibaba

Let us remember that Alibaba has rained curses on those who defraud people who work hard to earn their money and use that money to blow up champagne.

The comedian made it known in response to a post that tells how a woman with difficulty has been cheated by the savings of her life by the ATM scammers.

He wrote,

Stealing from hustlers, now makes you a smart guy. You then take the money, go buy clothes, pop champagne, buy bling bling and drugs. When someone says it’s wrong, you have the guts to be defending them. For any of you who defends these thieves, you will never end well. Go and write it down. Shebi we all are in Nigeria.

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