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Bank staff caught on camera having sex in his office in UNILAG

In a video making rounds across the internet, a staff of a commercial bank in UNILAG was captured on camera having sex with a lady in his officer.

According to the clip, shared by a Twitter user identified as @PrinceEbuka7, the man was a night Staff of the bank situated within the premises of the University of Lagos.

Watch Video Below:

While some Nigerians showed support to the couple, some believe their action was unethical and they should be sanctioned by the management of the bank.

See reactions on twitter:

*** You all supporting them shows how shameless u all are and am sure this is what you do in your offices, no respect at all

*** Bro do you have a clue on what comes with working in a bank? Guy that job is time draining….it wasn’t a cool thing tagged access bank wit this video. Just take it out.

*** Well… you just made them lose them jobs… or whoever lose his/ her job. They had it coming tho as it is an office which ain’t proper. Yu shouldn’t have tagged or called the bank into it. Now we will be looking forward to the repercussions. Sad…

*** A motel is “a place that is next to a road and that has rooms for people to stay in especially when they are traveling by car”. So, I don’t want my office to be a motel. If you meant to say brothel, that’s a building where prostitutes are available. Still not the case here.