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BBNaija: After rejecting Frodd several times, Esther still encourage him not to relent



Chemeka Frodd Okoye, who is an investment advisor and soft voice sales manager for the state of Anambra, is back in the news.

The “Show of kindness” task was a blessing in disguise for Esther and Frodd, since they were able to resolve the differences they had.

Esther was told to give Frodd an emphatic advice to deliver perfectly and this brought a happy ending to the chaos between the two.

Esther took the opportunity to commend some positive things about Frodd, but did not hesitate to remind him of some of his bad behavior. According to Esther, he believes that Frodd should reduce his excessive alcohol consumption because he doesn’t speak well of him.

Esther also informed Frodd of things he didn’t like about him and said he should always pursue what he wants, whether he gets it or not.

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Recall that Esther turned down Frodd’s relationship proposal when he made his feelings known to her. Frodd had in his appeal to Esther, claimed that she has so much control over him and he’s got nothing but respect for her which is why he wants an intimate relationship with her. He was heard saying;

“Hold me down when I want to lose it. Those times I want to throw tantrums tell me to shut up and I’ll listen. If anyone says it I won’t listen. You are the only one that can do that. I talk a lot; I need someone to counsel me.”

Responding to him, Esther said;

“I don’t understand what you mean by when you want to lose it. You can find someone else to counsel you; it doesn’t necessarily have to be me.”