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‘Bobrisky is worse than Ebola virus’ – Olusegun Runsewe

Olusegun Runsewe, director general, National Council for Art and Culture (NCAC), criticized the Nigerian transvestite Bobrisky on Saturday, stating that his impact on society is worse than that of Ebola.

Runsewe said that Bobrisky represents “serious hazards” for young Nigerians. According to Runsewe, if Bobrisky’s activities were not reduced rapidly, the resulting effect would be worse than the Ebola epidemic. He said that young Nigerians deserved to be protected from imitating a transvestite.

Runsewe urged young Nigerians to stop imitating Bobrisky, remaining “responsible and good ambassadors of the nation”.

”Bobrisky is a national disaster, an embarrassment to the country, engaging in cultural corruption as a cross-dresser and we have to start to curtail his activities before it gets out of hand. We will not allow Bobrisky to destroy the future of our youths and the unborn Nigerians,” he said.

Runsewe said that when the cross-dresser’s birthday was halted in Lekki, Lagos by the police recently, it was revealed that he had been training some Nigerian youths to toe the same line with him. He said immediately the cross dresser’s party was halted a good number of the boys he was training left him. “So that was an achievement”, he said.

According to him, Bobrisky’s activities negate the culture and tradition of the nation and he could be excused to go to other climes where such culture of being a cross-gender would be tolerated.

Runsewe urged parents to guide their wards not to emulate Bobrisky but take after ‘responsible’ celebrities in the society.