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BREAKING: Gunshots as Police and Shiites clash in Abuja

Reportedly, Nigerian police fired tear gas and shots into the air to disperse a procession of members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) in Abuja on Friday.

Latest Nigeria News reports that tear gas and gunshots have forced Shiites and passers-by to run for safety.

The IMN procession begun on the road to Sultan Abubakar ended abruptly after police action.

We recall that the members of the IMN had revealed plans to undertake their symbolic annual walk of Arba on Saturday at the national level.

The Shiites have stated that the symbolic walk will be peaceful and will have no attempt to alter the right to safe passage to other road users.

This online news platform has learned that even Shiites have stated that there would be no reason to be alarmed about Arba’s journey.

However, the group said security officers could attack hikers like they did last year.

The group said in a statement that, “Although some state governments and the federal government have been plotting evil against our peaceful Arba’een trek and commemoration of Imam Husain (AS), we pray that Allah thwart and frustrate their evil plans as he has done in the past.

“Last year’s Arbaeen trek was met with gunfire from the elite Guards Brigade in Abuja, where 57 people were killed. Up till today, the federal government has stubbornly refused to brief the public on the actual reason behind such a barbaric massacre on its citizens and has not initiated any investigation.

“Even though the military made spurious claims to justify the killings it perpetrated on 28-29/10/2018, the video from the march clearly contradicted those claims.”