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Chicken dressers laments low patronage of their services in Yobe



Within hours to this year’s Sallah celebrations, chicken dresser have complained about the lack of patronage of their services compared to what happened last year.

Chicken managers let their minds see when latestalert visited some of their makeshift tents near the streets of the metropolis of Damaturu.

There have been dozens of temporary places to dress in chicks in the metropolis, mainly made up of young people, in order to get livelihoods from the slaughterhouse and butchery of live chickens bought by customers who would have celebrated Sallah perhaps tomorrow.

The aspiration of these young people can be threatened because of the lack of patronage, since the clients that celebrate the Sallah are not yet safe on the day of the celebration, which depends on the observation of the new half moon.

A visit to some places inside the metropolis showed large burning pots with boiled water, upright tables, knives and stranded young men who waited patiently for customers to arrive.

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However, in some other places visited, there were activities with Abdullahi Idriss, a locker room, which confirmed to latestalert that the sponsorship is low compared to the same period of 2018.

“Customers are contemplating when the actual Sallah day would be, that might be some of the reasons why our customers are not patronising us today.

“But, we are hopeful that the patronage would be higher before the day runs out or tomorrow when the actual day for the celebration is certain,” Idriss explained.

Another chicken dresser, Abdullahi Salisu, said he charges N100 per chicken but decried low patronage of his service.

“Last year same time, it was a beehive of activities here but this year it is different as customers are not forthcoming,” Salisu said.

As Muslims faithful anticipate Eid-el-fitr celebrations which might be tomorrow or next, it was a beehive of activities at the Damaturu market as residents rushed to make last minute purchases of foodstuff, clothes, among other items for the festivities.