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Court appoints attorney to defend Invictus Obi as he fails to show up with a lawyer



Obinwanne Okeke, CEO of the Invictus group, obtained a lawyer with the US federal public defender in the eastern Virginia district to defend him after he did not appear in court with a lawyer to start the trial with two charges of conspiracy to commit computer fraud and conspiracy to commit electronic fraud.

We recall that Latest Nigeria News reported that the young Nigerian “billionaire” qualified by Forbes was arrested on 6 August in Alexandria, Virginia. His arrest came after a thorough investigation by the FBI after receiving a request from Unatrac on unauthorized access by an “unidentified” person who sent an e-mail with a false bill to the purchasing department, deceiving the company for $ 12. million.

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Okeke was tried for the first time before judge Theresa Buchanan on August 7th, after the FBI team led by Marshall Ward also discovered he had betrayed an American shoe manufacturer and used several previously linked e-mail accounts to online fraudulent activity and tags. The FBI database.

He was granted the request to see a public health dental hygienist on the first day of his trial. Although it is not clear how long he had had dental problems, however, the US judge ruled that the doctor should have kept the alleged fraudster in custody.