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Cynthia Morgan Biography: Net Worth, Age, Songs, House, and Cars

Real Name: Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan

Date of Birth: Born on September 23, 1991

Age: 27 years old (2019)

State of origin: Edo State

Nationality: Nigeria

Occupation: Rapper, R&B singer and song writer

Net Worth:  $1.5 Million

Cynthia Morgan Biography

Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan, better known as Cynthia Morgan, is a Nigerian rapper, singer and songwriter R&B born on September 23, 1991. Her real names are Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan, while her stage name with which the singer is known is Cynthia Morgan His set is a combination of pop, hip hop, dancehall and rap mix.

She became famous after the release of her hit singles “Don’t Break My Heart” and “Lead Me On” “I Am Taken” and other notable pieces that brought her to the public’s light. Cynthia Morgan is a proud musician born in Benin who has penetrated the music industry of Nigeria with the help of her undiluted songs that make us dance all day long. The talented singer was born and raised in the city of Benin, in the state of Edo, Nigeria, in the same place where she finished her primary and secondary education before starting her singing career.

Cynthia Morgan grew up surrounded by musicians. She started singing from the church choir and at the same time was the support singer of her mother’s musical band at the age of 3; He was also the leader of the high school choir. In a recent speech, the song revealed that his upbringing was hard and tough because his mother had been rejected by his father when his pregnant mother was 20 years old.

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His mother, being musicians, inspired his musical career, he grew up with the dream of becoming a professional music that would help a lot to influence the lives of many. He began singing officially in the children’s choir, after which he moved into the youth choir and later joined the Christian Union choir. She was raised alone by her mother, who is now one of the best gospel music artists in Benin City, Nigeria. She continued to believe in her dreams, the little diva of those days became a singer, songwriter and composer who is now ranked among the most respected Nigerian musicians.

Although things were very difficult for her family, but her mother did not give up, she was very loving and caring with her children. She was the greatest of all children and had to play the role of a big sister. His mother, on the other hand, played the role of mother and father at the same time as her husband abandoned them.

At the age of 16, Cynthia Morgan thought it was wise to take music seriously and professionally. He started composing at the age of seven.
He released his debut single right after completing high school at age 16. His first single included General Pype and was titled “Dutty Stepping”. As God wants, the song gave him so much recognition and exaggeration that he was becoming famous in Nigeria.

Moving on to 2010, he moved to Lagos, where he appeared on the winning track of the NEA award with the mouth of Jhybo entitled Ejo le Fe Ro Run Dia. This song gave him immediate recognition and fame throughout the country, from there he began receiving broadcasts and criticisms at local radio stations in Benin. Most of his followers noticed his talent through that song, including me, the composer of this biography. The same year, he moved to Lagos for a better change to reach the top of his game. In 2012, he stepped up his game and released his long-awaited singles in Nigeria on 9 July 2012, entitled “High High High” and “Ojoro”. After releasing these songs, it became the topic under discussion on the social networking site Twitter and news on it was spread around the world for about 10 hours before it became extinct.

On August 22, 2013, Nigerian pop singer P-Square met her in Atlanta while listening to her songs. He was introduced to his older brother Jude Okoye, the owner of “Northside Entertainment Inc, who then signed him a billion dollar record deal.

After signing with “Northside Entertainment Inc, he released two high-level singles” Don’t Break My Heart “and” Lead Me On “which were accepted by fans across Nigeria and beyond. His hard work earned him a nomination for “Best Reggae / Dancehall Single” at The Headies 2014. In a recent conversation with BioNetWorth, he was asked about the source of his inspiration, this is what he said;

I get my inspirations from reading good books watching movies and music. She is rumored to ba dating Burn Boy but hasn’t been officially confirmed.

Cynthia Morgan Age

How old is Cynthia Morgan? Cynthia Morgan was Born on September 23, 1991, currently 27 years old as at 2019

Cynthia Morgan Education

Which School did Cynthia Morgan attended? Cynthia Morgan graduated with a first class in Economics from the University of Jos, Plateau state

Cynthia Morgan Net Worth

Putting all his assets and endorsement deals into consideration, Cynthia Morgan has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million US Dollar, according to several sources,

Cynthia Morgan Net Worth in naira

Cynthia Morgan net worth in naira is Calculated to be #541,845,000.00. million naira with the conversion rate of #360 per dollar ($1.5 million * 360 = 541,845,000.00)


Cynthia Morgan Mother

His mother, Sherifat Morgan, gave birth to her at the age of 20 and had to leave school to focus on her education.


Cynthia Morgan Wedding

Cynthia Morgan

The languages continued to discuss the rumors about the Nigerian music actress, Cynthia Morgan and Burna Boy’s appointments. While the duo’s welcoming photos appeared online some time ago, the duo made a suggestion when Burna Boy approached her Instagram page to send a message to Cynthia when she celebrated her birthday.


On The Beef with Davido

“Davido called me a cow, and I called him names too” Singer reveals

Last year, she had a misunderstanding with Nigerian pop star, Davido . In a recent interview with Punch News when asked about her tussel with Davido, she opened up on the real reason behind the drawn beef between them was because Davido called her names first.

Read her reply below:

“I do not want to talk about my spat with Davido or shed more light on it because I do not really know what to say. People who actually care tried to find out what really transpired between us. Davido called me names on Snapchat and I retaliated. When you say something to me, I give it back to you if I do not like it. Unfortunately, people did not hear my own side of the story before they reached their conclusions. I do not really have any problem or beef with Davido. He called me names and I called him names too. He started the whole episode by calling me a Malu, which means cow. I do not tolerate things like that from anybody”

What inspired your song ‘Don’t break my heart’?

Writing a song can sometimes be personal, just as it can be about the environment .The angle I wrote the song from is that of an African woman in love, but giving a warning, saying you are everything to me, but don’t break my heart. It’s a song that people do love because it connects with everybody. If you are in a relationship, the first thing that comes to your head is that I don’t want this person to mess up. I don’t want to put my heart into it. I don’t want to do this, I don’t want to do that. It’s a common thing . But the depth in the song brought the whole message out. It’s about an African woman who is happily in love and who doesn’t want to be heart-broken.

So have you never been heartbroken?

Yes I have, the song is also inspired by my tale of heartbreak and other people’s tale of heartbreaks as well.I have experienced it and others have experienced it too, so it was just amazing creating a song around it.


Cynthia Morgan House

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Cynthia Morgan Cars

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Other Facts About Cynthia Morgan

  • In 2010, Cynthia appeared on the award-winning NEA track with Jhybo entitled Ejo le Fe Ro Run Dia Boca. This track gave him wide and immediate recognition throughout Nigeria.
  • In August 2013 she was professionally incorporated into the musical family by P-Square, the Nigerian R&B duo of identical twin brothers Peter Okoye and Paul Okoye.
  • Cynthia’s hit song “I Taken” was released in 2014. It was also welcomed by a large fan base and had big aerial games with video trends on YouTube the same year.
  • The following year he published another hit single “German
    Juice “which earned him a great promotion that year.
  • Cynthia Morgan is worth 1.5 million dollars and, as a fashion phenomenon, is said to have bought a wristwatch worth 12 million Nigerian nairas.
  • He has won numerous awards, including the South-South Music Awards as the best reggae / dancehall of 2015 and The Headies 2015 as best single reggae.

Selected Singles Done By Cynthia Morgan

  • “Dutty Stepping” (2009)
  • “Right Move” (2011)
  • “High High High” & “Ojoro” (2012)
  • “Don’t Break My Heart” & “Lead Me On” (2014)
  • “I’m Taken” (2014)
  • Popori” (2014)
  • “German Juice” (2015)
  • “Come and Do” (2015)
  • “Simati Niya” (2015)
  • “Baby Mama (2015)
  • “Olowo” (2016)
  • “Bubble bup” (2016)

Cynthia Morgan Has Been Featured on These Songs

  • “Ejo le fe ro” – Jhybo ft. Cynthia Morgan (2010)
  • “Bruce Lee” – TK Tycoon ft. Cynthia Morgan & Tipsy (2011)
  • “Gbogbo Hustling” – Tha Suspect ft. Zee, Bigmaxx, Cynthia Morgan & Tesh Carter (2012)
  • “Faaji” – Tony Ross ft. Cynthia Morgan & A-Q (2013)
  • “Money” – KKTBM ft. Yung6ix, Cynthia Morgan, Tesh Carter & SD (2014)
  • Give Dem” – DJ Prince ft. Dammy Krane, Mac 2 & Cynthia Morgan (2014)
  • “Shoki [Female Version]” – Lil Kesh ft. Chidinma, Eva & Cynthia Morgan (2014)
  • “Jamo” – Illbliss ft. Cynthia Morgan (2014)
  • Number 1″ – Chopstix ft. Cynthia Morgan, Shaydee & Yung L (2015)
  • Go GAGA remix – MC Galaxy ft. Stone Bwoy, Cynthia Morgan (2015)
  • Come over – splash ft cynthia morgan (2016)

Award And Nominations

  • Cynthia was nominated for Best Female Artist of The Year in 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards
  • She also nominated for Best Rap Act of The Year at the 2014 Nigeria Entertainment Awards
  • She won Best New Artist at the South South Music Awards
  • She was nominated for Best Reggae/Dancehall Single at the The Headies 2014
  • Cynthia Morgan was nominated for Best Newcomer at the Ben TV Awards
  • Cynthia Morgan was nominated for Best Hip-Hop Female Artist and Best Reggae/Dancehall Artist at Ben TV Awards
  • Cynthia Morgan was nominated for Music Artist of The Year at the ELOY Awards
  • She won Best Female Artist at the ELOY Awards 2014
  • She was nominated for Female Artist of The Year at the 2015 Nigeria Entertainment Awards and also won Best Reggae/Dancehall at the South South Music Awards 2015
  • Cynthia Morgan won Best Reggae Single at the The Headies 2015 in year 2016 and she was also nominated for Next Rated at the The Headies 2015.


1. Cynthia Morgan was on September 23, 1991 in the city of Benin, Nigeria. She grew up in a house of Jehovah’s Witnesses, where street music was banned.

2. His mother is Sherifat Morgan, a gospel singer.

3. He started as a support singer for his mother’s gospel band at age 3.

4. From an early age, he started composing songs and released his first single “Dutty Stepping” at the age of 17, which included General Pype.

5. He signed a record deal with Northside Entertainment Inc, founded by Jude Okoye in August 2013.

6. He has collaborated with musicians such as Sound Sultan, Mr 2Kay, Lil Kesh, Illbliss and Nikki Laoye.

7. He entered the music scene in 2013, after releasing his famous singles “Lead Me On” and “Don’t Break My Heart”, which was well received by fans.

8. Consider her chest, height and nose as the sexiest part of her body. The most expensive item in your wardrobe is a wristwatch with a value of 12 million nairas. He also has a celebrity in love with Davido.

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9. One of his greatest successes, besides winning prizes, was the mixtape he recorded with Gucci Mane in 2013, which was attended by other international musicians.

10. In 2014 he won the award for best new artist at the South South Annual Music Awards and in 2015 he won the Music Artist of the Year award at the ELOY Awards.

Singer Cynthia Morgan reportedly in trouble over unpaid rent, tax evasion

The famous dancehall music, Cynthia Morgan, has been out of the music scene for some time.

His absence brought his fans, including the Nollywood actress, Adesua Etomi, to ask where he is on Twitter.

The new reports suggest that the singer took time to solve some personal problems because she reportedly is facing a serious debt crisis.

According to Saturday Beats, the musical artist is experiencing some financial challenges that are interrupting his career.

Judicial documents showing that the singer was indicted before a higher court of Ikeja for her inability to pay the rent on her Omole apartment also emerged online.

Unfortunately, it was learned that on the same day that the artist handed over the court documents for non-compliance with the rental payment, the court documents were also handed over for tax evasion.

According to reports, the singer has to pay the waste for more than a year and N1.3 million, which is the rent of her home. According to reports, they also handed him court documents for not paying up to N3.584 million in taxes.

When this newspaper called the singer on Sunday, its representative, who simply identified himself as Maze, denied the fact that he owed money.

He said simply, “I don’t know anything and I would say it’s a lie. I don’t know any judicial documents, so I would say it’s a lie. As far as I know, I am not aware of the fact that he owes his landlord money. I don’t know these details and I’d say it’s a lie. ”

Cynthia Morgan has become the center of attention after the release of two singles entitled “Don’t Break My Heart” and “Lead Me On”, which received many positive reviews from critics.


Madrina AKA Cynthia Morgan Shuts Down The Idea Of Ever Dating Afro-Dancehall Star Burna Boy

The most important dancehall queen in Nigeria, Cynthia Morgan, who is now known as Godmother, revealed that having a romantic relationship with her dance partner, Burna Boy, will not work.

The godmother, while answering the questions during her interview with Victor Okpala, suggested that she and Burna Boy were not soul mates and it takes a lot of understanding to be with someone

He also revealed that he had not been in contact with Burna for a while, but nevertheless, when they ever connected, it was an atmosphere.

Burna Boy and Madrina triggered rumors of meetings after the former played the role of a love interest in Madrina’s single “Simatiniya”, released in 2015.

Watch the video below.


Cynthia Morgan bashes her critics 

Take it or leave it, the pop singer, Cynthia Morgan, has done very well in terms of staying out of trouble in the media for some time.

But it seems that his patience, being the good girl next door, is quickly running out, since he has returned to his old ways, fighting against someone in search of problems.

Now, his goal is his critics, who are still shooting for what they perceived as an “unpleasant” promotion of his “Babymama” cover photo. Cynthia Morgan Known for her controversial posts, song versions and reactions, Cynthia also takes the time to respond to critics and trolls and come back. In his words, he said:

“Who could be interested … if you don’t know me, you have no worries or sincere interests in me. Don’t mention my name or make friends with my name.

You don’t know what I’ve been through,” he He said. Don’t break my heart, I gave Morgan his first real break and she quickly changed things with the single “I’m surprised” and got another big jam in German juice.

“I’m take” and “German juice” are the greatest songs of Cynthia Morgan. These songs, bright and accepted, exploded his profile and made it a force in the sector. But things didn’t go so well with the singer’s methods. God knows we lost those epic applause. Welcome back, Cynthia.

CYNTHIA MORGAN said her mum is her greatest fan

Cynthia Ikponmwenosa Morgan, popularly known by the stage name of Cynthia Morgan, is a feeling of dance. Morgan, who dropped her first single in 2008 at the age of 17, was raised alone by her mother, Sherifat, a high-performance evangelist in the city of Benin, Edo. Although he has not kept up with his mother in gospel music, the feeling of dance has revealed to Adetutu Audu that his mother is his biggest fan.

Let’s talk about your Mama Cynthia Empowerment foundation. What is it all about? It was created to give back to those in need. It was a fantastic journey for me and I just want to thank God for supporting me enough to support others and make everyone smile in the end. I visited two communities, Bariga in Somolu and Makoko in Yaba, and I donated food and toiletries to residents.

Your mother sings the Gospel and your dance. One would have expected him to follow in his footsteps. Why deviate?

The music for me started at the age of seven. I started in the children’s choir, after which I moved into the youth choir and then joined the Christian Union choir. I started playing music at 16 and recorded a six-track demo album. My mother is an artist of the Gospel, so obviously she understands my profession. Many expected me to become an evangelical artist like my mother, but this is not possible because it is not my vocation. I appreciate my musical style and is my biggest fan. Many people don’t know that I have an alter ego who is the beautiful Cynthia Morgan.

How would you describe your trip so far?

Wow, it was a challenge. If I say it wasn’t like that, I’ll lie to you. So far my journey has been defined by the challenges of growth, not just in terms of age. As I said, I started at 17 and grew up in terms of commerce, a commercial aspect of the entertainment world and the inconvenience of having to live the life of a star. Growing up as a female artist has its unique challenges, but I thank God for the brand I have. I think I was able to prove myself to the point where they no longer see me as a female artist, but as a talented Nigerian star who has the ability to contribute with my participation in the globalization of Nigerian music.

You said that women artists have challenges. Can you share yours with us?

We live in a world where people pay more attention to men. We have to work twice as hard as boys to be on the same platform. Of course, kids attract the attention of people who are females. Now it is changing, with the females standing and one who knows her brand. Working in your business, yourself and your brand, I think everything is important.

With what you have achieved so far, will you say that it is ongoing and realized?

I am 100% sure that it is underway and implemented. I already have a large fan base in countries like Kenya, Zimbabwe, South Africa and other foreign countries. The reality is that this is only the beginning.

So what are you going to say now that it’s your strength?

My strength lies in my sound and talent. You can’t have a brand and don’t have a sound and, in any case, I think the two work hand in hand. My strength is also in God because you could create something exceptional and people might not notice it without God’s favor. So, my strength lies in God, talent and brand.

Dancehall songs What inspires your type of music?

People say I do dancehall. I’ll say that I listen to R&B, pop, jazz, rap when I grow up. My mother is an artist of the Gospel and, growing up, I was able to choose between the different musical genres I heard. Basically I do everything, but people notice that I do a lot of dancehall. So you can’t really get pissed off in a particular genre. I personally created my musical genre. Every new material from me is a different type of Cynthia Morgan and people have learned to appreciate it. I always want to surprise my fans because there’s more to Cynthia Morgan.

Who would you say influenced you at the beginning of life?

My grandparents, my mother and my uncles. I grew up with my grandparents who were just children and I don’t have a father figure. I can say that I was inspired to some extent because I wanted to be different; a figure that people would say is able to do it alone even if they didn’t have this or that. Life is what made me what I am today. My mother is also a strong figure in my life and my story of being raised by a single father transcends what I am today.

You have been tagged sexy. How do you feel?

I think that aura that you carry with you before people say it is sexy. It’s what people see. First of all, you have to be sexy in before people recognize you. Although sexy is not my priority now, I try to be as real as possible.

Get the music, who is Cynthia Morgan?

A lady who is calm and familiar. Personally, I love being with my family and taking care of people. Dream of living. Fame has not changed anything in me. I try to be humble, I keep calling my friends. I was able to handle them both and not get involved in doing what I shouldn’t have done. I believe in God and love making people happy. I think what you can dream of, you can get it.

What inspired your recent lascivious photo sessions?

I am a beautiful and proud Nigerian woman who feels at ease with her own skin. I am free to publish anything on social networks, what I publish depends on my mood and what I would like to share with my fans at that time. Anyone who feels offended should stop following me. I don’t read the negative comments because I don’t care. In addition to music, you have to be creative when it comes to your brand, your images, your performances and your performing arts. The images are part of the things that distinguish an artist. Many people say different kinds of things, but when you start something in Nigeria or Africa, people start talking. We are in the 21st century and Nigeria is not like the United States. When I create a song, I can create the video in my head. Therefore, it is about craftsmanship and brand. I wasn’t very naked, I was wearing a tattoo and a couple of giggles. It’s about being different and people will definitely talk. It’s part of the whole business. If they don’t talk, you don’t make money. So you just have to keep talking.

There are many women artists who govern the waves now. Don’t you feel threatened?

I am a different artist who does not feel threatened by any other female artist. I believe in my talent and my abilities. I don’t see the competition, all I see are opportunities to excel in my trade and in the Nigerian music industry. Don’t jump in

blind wagon; rather, I have set standards that others will follow. I admire all the talented Nigerian artists who stand out.


Tell us about the most precious goods and the fashion item you can do without

I think my height and my talent are the best assets I have. I am unique in several ways. I love colonies and wristwatches. The most expensive item in my closet is a wristwatch that cost me N12m.


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