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Di’ja Biography: Net Worth, Songs, Age, House, and Cars

Stage Name: Di’ja

Real Name: Hadiza Blell

Date of Birth: Born on  August 14th

Birth Place: Nigeria

Age: Unknown

State of origin: She is from Northern Nigeria. Lived in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United States and Canada.

Nationality:Nigeria Sierra Leonian

Occupation: Nigerian singer, visual artist , fashion designer and songwriter

Genre: Hip-pop

Net Worth: $400,000

Di’ja Biography

Hadiza Blell, popularly known by the stage name Dija, is a singer, model, visual artist, humanitarian and Nigerian composer from Sierra Leone who became known after signing a recording contract with Mavin Records. The Mavin act was born on August 14 and is currently signed by Don Jazzy for his record label, Mavin Records.

Di’Ja came to fame after identifying herself with Mavin records in 2013 and with the release of her hit single “Aww” in 2014, her fan base has dramatically increased beyond our expectations. Di’Ja is the second woman of Mavin Records after Tiwa Savage, was presented in her most popular song entitled “Dorobucci”, launched in 2014, which also features label mates, including Don Jazzy, Dr SID, Tiwa Savage , D’Prince, Korede Banks of Bello and Reekado.

Di’Ja’s father comes from Sierra Leone, while his mother comes from the northern part of Nigeria. Di’Ja lived in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United States and Canada, which gave her mixed ethnicity. Dija was very academically determined and could get a double degree in biology and psychology. After obtaining the aforementioned titles, Di’Ja decided to pursue his dream / passion in music, art and philosophy. His first single, “Rock Steady”, was released in 2009 and received a Best Urban / R & B nomination at the 2009 Canadian Radio Music Awards. Meanwhile, he won the Best New Artist award at the Beat Music Awards of the 2008..

His parents were music lovers and they had a huge collection of old CDs; especially her mother and she believes it is a habit for her to keep the old CDs, that’s how she started developing that love / weakness for music. He thanked all those who contributed to his success, especially his parents for giving them a good education. He also revealed that he has an older brother who is also his best friend in his family.

Di’Ja was born and raised in Kaduna, where she always loves being in Nigeria. The entire music business came into play when he was in Kaduna, but later left the state to continue his training. Her first contact with music began in Canada when her friend Aman Manhas enrolled her in a singing competition in Canada, at the Beat Music Awards.


Music Career Beginning

Di’Ja’s musical career began properly in 2008. In 2009 he released a song entitled “Rock Steady”, which was nominated for Best Urban / R & B Single at the Canadian Radio Music Awards 2009. He worked underground for several years to launch new songs and, finally, in 2012 he released several singles, including “Dan’Iska (Rudebwoy)”, “Hold On (Ba Damuwa)” and “How can we be Be Be Friends”. . The turning point came February 14, 2014, when Don Jazzy hired her for Mavin Records. He received a warm welcome with his first official single under Mavin Records, The Song, is titled “Yaro”. The song made in Hausa and Krio dialects, which is the infusion of his Nigerian identity and of Sierra Leone.

According to the singer, she said it was her former manager who introduced her to Don Jazzy, who gave her the opportunity to meet Don Jazzy one by one, and it was a big surprise for her. He also said it was one of the happiest moments of his life, since he didn’t expect it because his manager had told him that they would go to a studio to meet a producer.

When they arrived at Don Jazzy’s studio, he wasn’t there, after talking to some people in the studio, they asked for his work and she started sharing it with them. A moment later, Don Jazzy came in with Dija’s voice: “It was exciting and terrifying”. After listening to two of his songs, it was a yes for him and he decided to sign it.

The most favorable year for Dija is 2014, it was convened at the table for the song “Dorobucci” with the comrades of the label Don Jazzy, Dr. SID, Tiwa Savage, D’Prince, Korede Bello and Reekado Banks. Surprisingly, an animated video was released for “Dorobucci” in May 2014.


Di’ja Age

How old is Di’ja? Di’ja current age is unknown. The only information he can get is that he was born on August 14th. Therefore, fans continue to speculate about their age. Even so, they can only guess their age until official information is revealed.

Di’ja Education

Which School did Di’ja attended? Di’ja Hadiza engaged herself in the academic world and obtained a double degree in Psychology and Biology before continuing with what she knew to be her destiny: entertainment. After this, he found a passion for music, art and philosophy.


Di ja Family

Image result for Di'ja with his father

The singer has lived in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United States and Canada. His mother is originally from northern Nigeria, while his father, Joe Blell, is originally from Sierra Leone. He also has an older brother who he described as his best friend.


Di ja Married | Di ja Wedding | Di ja Husband

Image result for Di'ja and husband

The singer is married to Mr. Rotimi. They are a rather private couple who secretly got married in 2015. Their traditional Yoruba wedding was held in December 2015. In an interview, she talked about her marriage and revealed the following: she started dating her husband summer 2014, got engaged in summer 2015 and got married in Fatiha in summer 2015.


Di’ja Has Been Pregnant, She Is Now A Mother


We have seen a couple of Nigerian celebrities who prefer to keep their personal lives away from the media, but what Dija has done has been unexpected and incredible. Dija was married for years and we had no idea, she was 9 months pregnant and even had her baby and the world didn’t know. Hmmmm! I am stunned, she is the best secret guardian I have ever seen on earth because what she did is almost impossible.

She woke up one morning and decided to leave the cat out of the bag which was precisely on 1 July 2016. She was married to her whistle, Mr. Rotimi and recently welcomed her son. In the video, she revealed 5 main truths about herself.

She started dating her husband in Summer 2014.

  • They had their wedding Fatiha in Summer 2015.
  • They got engaged in Summer 2015.
  • She gave birth to a baby boy in Spring 2016.
  • They did their Yoruba Traditional Wedding In December 2015.


Di ja Baby

Image result for Di'ja with two babies

The couple has two children together. In the spring of 2016, their first child; A child is born. He announced the birth of his second son, a girl through Instagram in a photo of his mother, son and daughter. She gave birth to the girl on March 9, 2018.


Di ja Religion

Di ja is a muslim. This can be concluded from the way she writes her posts on her social media pages. For example on the birth of her daughter she wrote, “My mother is God’s gift. #GRANDMA and her grandkids. Wow I now have TWO children now (a boy and a girl). Alhamdullilah. Ubangiji Allah sai Godiya.”

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Di’ja Net Worth

Putting all his assets and endorsement deals into consideration, Di’ja has an estimated net worth of $400,000 US Dollar, according to several sources, Her earnings is from music

Di’ja Net Worth in naira

Di’ja net worth in naira is Calculated to be #180,000,000.00million naira with the conversion rate of #360 per dollar ($400,000 * 360 = 144,000,000.00)


Di’ja House


Di’ja Cars

Di ja Songs | Di’Ja Music

  • Rock Steady
  • Take Kiss
  • Sowemo
  • Falling for You
  • Hold On (Ba Damuwa)
  • Yaro
  • How Can We Be Friends
  • Wan Chop
  • Private Show
  • By Your Side
  • Dan’Iska (Rudebwoy)
  • Awww
  • Amen
  • Air
  • Dorobucci
    (with Don Jazzy, Tiwa Savage, Dr SID, D’Prince, Reekado Banks, and Korede Bello)
  • Adaobi (feat. Don Jazzy, Reekado Banks and Korede Bello)
  • Looku Looku


Awards and Nominations for Dija’s songs

Nominated for Most Promising Act to Watch Nigeria
Entertainment Awards 2014
Nominated for Best Urban / R&B Single at the Canadian Radio
Music Awards 2009
Winner for the Best New Artiste at the Beat Music Awards in

Endorsement Deals

Dija signed an endorsement deal with Glo on the 1st of July



Di’Ja exposes a societal dysfunction that is failing Nigerian kids

Child protection has become a contemporary theme in Nigeria, from where Di’Ja, lead singer of Mavin Records, is paying attention to the age of the subject subject to consent.

Di’Ja tries to inspire a discussion that can help provide more protection to children living in Nigerian society. [Instagram / aphrodija]

Sunday 3 February 2019, he presents an investigation confirming 11, since the legal age accepted before a person can approve sexual activity.

When this has been violated, ie when there is a sexual interaction between an elderly person and a child of 10 years or less, only then is it a legal violation in accordance with the law.

Di’Ja is worried because it could mean damaging the future. New trends have surpassed old values, making them totally obsolete, but Nigeria seems to be lagging behind most.

Currently, it is classified as the country with the lowest age for the consensus tranche in the world established in 11. In the Kingdom of the Middle East of Bahrain, the age of consent is 21, almost double compared to Nigeria.

“This isn’t a fight against religion, tribe, gender but a redirection of our energies and thought processes to protect the ones that birth your nation.

“If children become psychologically, physically and emotionally damaged before a certain age all you will have are adults with suppressed memories of abuse, which lead to psychological mind ware-fare,” the singer counsels from her IG.

Marriage without consent

Child marriage can also be concerning. The move to marry an older man is not likely a decision a 15-year-old girl will be so eager to make.

In Anambra State, a girl of this age named Chinwe was the topic of a social media campaign #RetrieveChinwe started to deliver her from an arranged marriage her family supported.

It was to be a union between her and a 56-year-old Izuchukwu Igwilo, who reportedly has Down Syndrome.

The distasteful thought of such marriage ensured the intervention of a Nigerian Lawyer and human rights activist, Prince Gwamnishu Emefiele Harrison who was able to fulfill a vow to save young Chinwe from a marriage she gave no consent to.

Pulse has analysed that there is a conflicting interpretation when it concerns the principles that have been laid down to determine legitimate marriages. It is a job for legislators making sure that the Nigerian laws are able to reflect the ideals of humanity.

Di’Ja Unmasks Her Sweetheart

Hadiza Blell, star of record label Mavin, popularly known as Di’Ja, shares rare photos with her husband, writes Ferdinand Ekechukwu

The act of Mavin Di’ja, the real name of Hadiza Salma Blell, has been very reserved for her family since she got married. The artist finally showed her husband while they both met on an unnamed beach on Wednesday. The couple had fun and also with their children. The singer and the mother of two children shared rare photos with her husband, known simply as Rotimi walking together on the beach.

The Mavin Record star in one of his publications attached to the photos said: “Because life is about the love you make. Together we make our favorites. #Partneringeverything”

He married in 2015 in a very private marriage. This was almost a year after he started dating his husband in 2014. For a long time, no one knew that Di’Ja was married or anything from his personal life, which for many people was a pleasant surprise. The couple had their first child in 2016.

The singer welcomed her second child, a girl in March 2018. In announcing the arrival of the child and then in her sincere publication on Instagram, Princess Mavin wrote: “My mother is the gift of God. # Grandma and her grandchildren Wow now I have two children now (a boy and a girl) Alhamdullilah Ubangiji Allah Sai Godiya I am the happiest woman in the world God bless my husband my mother my father my brother and his family @ msfaddy … call my family! My daughter arrived on March 9, 2018. ”

Unlike many artists, Di’Ja’s commitment to scholars earned him a double degree in psychology and biology. After which he found a passion for music and philosophy. Not only is she a singer, but also a visual artist, composer and stylist. His passion for music had something to do with his parents’ old CD collection; Her mother in particular and she thinks she is innate. According to her, her parents are the incredible people who helped shape who she is today through the education they gave her. He says his childhood was colorful, which led his life to always be colorful.

Di’Ja lived in Nigeria, Sierra Leone, the United States and Canada, where he published some of his songs. His musical career began in 2008 and, in 2009, he released his first single “Rock Steady”, which was nominated for Best Urban / R & b Awards at the Canadian Radio Music Awards 2009. He had also won the award for best new artist in Beat Music Awards 2008, which was a great boost for his career in Canada. He acted as one of the opening singers of Akon’s performance at the 49th anniversary of Sierra Leone’s independence and in 2012 and 2013 he released numerous singles, including “Dan Iska (Rudebwoy)”, “Hold On (Ba Damuwa ) “and” How can we be friends “.

The beautiful Di’Ja stood out when she met the music producer Don Jazzy in 2014 through her manager. He says he didn’t expect to meet the Nigerian music producer. He met Jazzy while he was in the studio sharing his songs with some of the guys when the boss of record label Mavin entered. That experience has been recognized as “exciting and terrifying”. Don Jazzy listened to two of his songs, both put together musically.

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