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Don Q – Quick Reminder



DOWNLOAD MP3: Don Q – Quick Reminder

Don Q – Quick Reminder Mp3 Download

American rapper and songwriter, Don Q dished out a new record titled “Quick Reminder”.

Don Q reliably gives it his everything, giving him the emanation of an antithesis to A Boogie Mind Da Hoodies’ lighthearted style – an assessment educated by the more strongarmed position he takes inside the Highbridge gathering.

Regardless of whether it’s in issuing an alert to undesirable trespassers, or a propensity to confer reliability onto his supporters, Q, for the most part, keeps a straight line pushing ahead.

To start off 2019, Don responded to Tory Lanez’s battle challenge. Lanez had engaged in a battle with Joyner Lucas and had proclaimed himself the best rapper alive. Don proclaimed that Tory could not be the best rapper alive as he accused him of stealing lyrics from his Hot 97 freestyle.

After a brief exchange of words via social media, Don released a diss track titled, “I’m Not Joyner.” Lanez responded with his own diss entitled “Don Queen”.

The following day, Don Q retaliated with another diss track, called “This Is Ya King?”

Listen below and enjoy!

DOWNLOAD MP3: Don Q – Quick Reminder

Don Q – Quick Reminder lyrics

Yeah, nigga
Uh, Don
Uh, yeah
It’s JoefromYO

I’m planning on keeping my name from “In memory of” (In memory of)
I swear this game will break up a bond with some people you genuinely love (Genuinely love)
The way they be moving, man, I cannot tell if they jealous or is it a grudge
They see me excelling, or is it because (Or is it because) they picture me failing?
Well, picture me sailing through Italy pouring a pitcher of mud (Pitcher of mud), nigga, yeah (Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah, I came from the block and I’m cocky as shit (Cocky as shit)
Ain’t taking a shot but I got the assist (But I got the assist)
Still playing defense, just watch for the pick (Just watch for the pick)
Coppers ain’t slick with that stopping and frisk (What?)
Jump out if you want and I’m hopping a fence (And I’m hopping a fence)
Chanels release and I got them at Fifth’s (And I got them at Fifth’s)
10K at least for my shopping expense (On what, nigga?)
All on footwear, nigga (Yeah)
Turn the strip club to a book fair, nigga (To a book fair, nigga)
Walk in the trap, it’s a cook here
Think it’s a jux here? Don’t even look here, nigga (Don’t even, don’t even look here)
Where I’m from, it ain’t been a good year
Seen a lot of young niggas lives get took here, nigga (Took here, nigga)
You don’t really know what it took here, bitch
I was chosen before I was put here, nigga (Before I was put here)
Street niggas tell me “Don’t switch up the subject” (Switch up the subject)
They want us to break but the shit ain’t destructive (Shit ain’t destructive)
How much can you take when the system corrupted? (When the system corrupted)
She in love with the AP, my wrist so seductive (My wrist so seductive)
Once I reach for my zipper, that’s end of discussion (That’s end of discussion)
I be she gon’ taste every drip when I’m nuttin’ (Every drip when I’m nuttin’)
When I fly out of state, I got zips in my luggage (I got what?)
They told me a play wouldn’t fit but I stuffed it, nigga (Huh? Yeah)
Yeah, look at they face, yeah they sick to they stomach (Sick to they stomach)
I grew up with niggas that’s Crippin’ and Bloodin’ (That’s Crippin’ and Bloodin’)
I ain’t have to bang just to fit in or nothing (I ain’t have to bang)
You moving like you too timid or something (Timid or something)
They acting like they forgetting or something (They orgetting or something)
Like a rapper that’s better is living or something (Living or something)
It gotta be 2Pac or Biggie or something (It gotta be)
I got a shoe box of 20s to put on the enemy (For what?)
Go out and Kennedy somethin’ (Go Kennedy somethin’)
Niggas smile in your like we friendly or something (Like we friendly or something)
Niggas all in my space like they lending me something (They lending me something)
Like managers still don’t remember me (What?) switching identities in different cities or something (Cities or something)
Like cameras around the facility ain’t got no pics of me (Where?) all out in Philly or something (Huh?)

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