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Edo chairman reveals conspiracy against Oshiomhole

Anslem Ojezua, Edo state Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, accused some party members on Friday of wanting APC National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole.

Ojezua said the state governors of APC platform want Oshiomhole to leave because they sympathize with him.

Speaking to Daily Independent, Ojezua, who is an ally of the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki said: “The governors don’t have sympathy for him, but somehow, they do not want to be seen as leading the vanguard against him.

“The governors expect Oshiomhole to read in between the lines and do what is honourable.

“I don’t see Oshiomhole surviving. “He would not allow the meeting to take place. What we saw was just a charade.

“Once you lose the confidence of your people; you lose the confidence of your colleagues, you lose the confidence of key members of the party, what moral justification do you have to lead?

“If your people said they have suspended you from their membership, do you really have the legitimacy to conduct the affairs of the party as an officer? I think these are some of the main questions that people should ask. Can you function as an officer if your membership has been suspended?

“The rule of the party is that you have to be suspended from your ward; that has been done; it has been decided at the local government and state levels.

“What moral, legal or constitutional justification does he have to retain or function in the office, when his own people have expressed their lack of confidence in him? That is the issue. It is that lack of confidence that led to his suspension. So, if they are looking at the legitimacy or legality of the suspension, can they also question the lack of confidence?”