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Education in Nigeria is in serious trouble, says Soyinka

Nobel laureate Wole Soyinka says that Nigeria’s education system is in serious trouble.

During the presentation of a play entitled “Folly of Men” on Sunday at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), the well-known writer described the education of the country as horrible.

The comedy was an adaptation of three comedies of “Proof of Brother Jero” by Soyinka, “No More the Wasted Breed” by Femi Osofisan and “Marmiwater Wedding” by Bode Sowande.

Speaking with journalists in the program of activities to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Government College, Ibadan, Soyinka praised the organizers for the initiative.

“We are in serious trouble, education wise in this country. Let me not kid you; it’s horrifying,” the Nobel laureate said.

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“That was why I was happy about the initiative of creating a model school and trying to resurrect this Government College and present it as the ideal. We are really very low, education wise.

“I have learnt how much they (old students association) have done in the last few days and I am very proud of their work. I just hope the government leaves them alone; don’t interfere with them. Let them bring back to everybody’s mind the possibility of what education can be.”