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El-Zakzaky rejects treatment from Indian doctors, cries to go back to Nigeria



The leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky, has refused the treatment of those who called unknown doctors established to treat him in India.

The Shiite leader insists that he wants to be cared for by those who are reserved to treat him before he and his wife leave Nigeria.

A member of the Islamic Commission for Human Rights (IHRC) made the anonymous announcement to PRNigeria on Wednesday.

He regretted the attitude of the Indian government.

The senior official said the country is acting as if he thought El-Zakzaky was a common criminal, even when no court in Nigeria had condemned him.

The source also revealed that the Indian government gave El-Zakzaky a deadline to leave if it refuses to receive treatment from available doctors to treat him who had been authorized by his government.

“I just received a very worrying news from the Indian government that ultimatum has been given to the Leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria to leave India if he does not agree to the Doctors specified to treat him.

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“From the way this is going, he is being treated extremely bad”, the IHRC representative said.

“Under the current situation, it seems he has no choice other than to go back to Nigeria. He has been given some hours to respond to their ultimatum.

“This is to me is totally, utterly unacceptable by any standard, either international standards or Indian standards or that of humanity”, the IHRC top official said.

He further noted that “This is a man that has not been found guilty of anything to the extent that in his own country, the highest court has granted him permission that he should be treated.

“The Indian government by their behaviour depicts Sheikh El-Zakzaky as a criminal. This is really outrageous and those who stand for justice should please respond.”