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Female banker suspended for allegedly sleeping with over 200 men



A woman banker suspended for allegedly sleeping with more than 200 men A woman banker from Zambia was suspended for allegedly sleeping with more than 200 men while promising to work. And the Nigerians have a lot to say about it.

Mutale Winfridah, executive director of the bank branch of ZANACO, was suspended by the bank’s management for sleeping with over 200 different men, both clients and job seekers.

Mutale, 39, was suspended after more than 10 men formally filed complaints against her, claiming to have used her influence as a senior bank manager in the branch to “enjoy the energies of her bed” after promising to work in the bank and approve your bank loan requests.

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The Nigerians found the news amusing and reacted on different platforms. Some men asked that the woman be sent to Nigeria. Others have said that Nigerian men will never report it. And the actor Yomi Black has hinted that the Yoruba men would have appreciated this opportunity.

See the reactions below.

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