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Group warns Akwa Ibom PDP senator to steer clear of APC



The state chapter of Akwa Ibom of the All Progressives Congress (APC) warned the Senator representing Akwa Ibom Northeast in the National Assembly, Bassey Akpan of the People Democratic Party (PDP), to stay away from the APC and its development programs

This was contained in a statement released in Abuja on Sunday by Mike George, national coordinator of the APC Success Movement.

The statement followed alleged media reports that Akpan had attempted to speak in support of Godswill Akpabio’s appointment of President Muhammadu Buhari in his cabinet through a failed ‘Order Point’ even after the Senate minority leader, Eyinnaya Abaribe, he would have spoken profusely in support of the ministerial appointment of Akpabio.

“It is pertinent to note that the purported support of Senator Akpan of Mr. President’s programmes is nothing but a face-saving attempt to curry favours by a senator who has penchant in fighting against President Buhari and the nomination of his people into federal appointments.

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“However, curiously, the same architect of the horrendous fraud that was perpetrated against the APC has suddenly turned around to mask as a promoter of our great party’s development programmes and policies.

Having failed to block Akpabio, Akpan has shamelessly turned himself into a megaphone of our party when, in fact, his services are not need.

“We want him to face his plethora of cases with the Federal Government, particularly the criminal prosecution by the EFCC.

“No wonder he is trying to curry favours from the Federal Government with a view to lobbying to have the slew of criminal charges hanging on his neck dropped.

“Therefore, it is imperative to call on Senator Akpan to desist forthwith from further trying to portray himself as a friend of the APC, because there is no space him in our party.”