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“Ike came into BBNaija to be used by a woman”- Twitter user reveals

A Twitter user identified as @Gaeist shared his thoughts and opinions on Ike’s eviction from Big Brother last night.

Ike was evicted from the program last night and the Twitter user believes he would not have been evicted in this way, if he had not given himself to a woman (Mercy), all on behalf of Love.

According to “Gaeist”, Ike entered the house and allowed himself to become a toy for the game of Mercy.

Gaeist, claiming his opinion, said that Ike had previously handed over his coins to Mercy because she lied saying she wanted to get the showmax. But instead, Mercy used coins to buy “immunity” in the house.

He wrote;
“Good for him. Came to the house only to be used by a woman, gave his coins to her where she lied that she wanted to buy showmax only for her to buy immunity. Now see his life, he’s out and she’s still in there”