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Imo North bye-election: PDP candidate, Patrick Ndubueze threatens to sue party over imposition

Patrick Ndubueze, the 2019 senatorial candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Imo State has accused the new leadership of the party led by Charles Ugwu of a clandestine plan to impose another candidate on the people in order to displace him.

He vowed to institute a court action if the party fails to uphold his candidature and goes ahead to endorse a new candidate in the repeat of an election originally won by him.

Ndubueze in a press briefing on Friday advised the party not to toe the path of injustice by imposing a candidate on the people especially now that the party is crying for the prevailing of natural justice.

He alleged that a ‘small cabal’ in the present leadership of the party is hell-bent on stopping his candidature on the claims that he no longer has the financial muscle to run the election.

He said, “my expectation and the expectation of all well-meaning members of the PDP was that I should have been given the ticket to reclaim a mandate freely given to me by the good people of Okigwe zone.

“In 2018, amid idle talks by my detractors that I had been completely skinned by the 2014 primaries and therefore lacked the capacity to run, I won convincingly at the primaries and went ahead to win the main election against a senator who lost to me even in his ward. Unfortunately, the mandate was stolen on account of internal sabotage.

“Now that another opportunity has presented itself for me to reclaim my stolen mandate, why would the party decide to throw me out to impose a neophyte who is neither popular nor acceptable to members of the zone?

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