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IPOB hit back at Army warning it not to “drag” the group into Boko Haram killing soldiers

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) responded to the Nigerian army, warning them not to “drag” the group into its “Pitiful plight” in the fight against Boko Haram.

The group’s spokeswoman, Emma Powerful, said in a statement on Thursday, in response to statements made by the army, which was the basis for the release of a recent video showing Boko Haram insurgents killing Nigerian soldiers.

The security agency stated that IPOB manipulated the video as a propaganda tool and that the incident did not occur in Nigeria.

“It is quite pathetic how the Nigerian army would belittle themselves in the eyes of the world by involving IPOB in their futile attempt to deflect attention from their failed effort to fight terrorism.

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“The Nigerian Army must understand that Biafra is not Nigeria. IPOB have more important things to do that engaging in doctoring a video that is so clear for all to see.

“The video of Boko Haram torturing and humiliating the Nigerian Army … is real and verifiable. IPOB has nothing to do with the trending video.

“This shameful statement from Nigeria Army proves that the Nigeria Army and her sister security outfits in Nigeria have lost control of their phony war against Boko Haram and as usual are looking to blame IPOB for their pitiful plight,” Powerful said in a statement.