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Koker Biography: Net Worth, Age, House, and Cars

Stage Name: Koker

Real Name: Olayiwola Olabanji Kokumo

Date of Birth: Coming soon

Birth Place: Lagos State

Age: Coming Soon

State of origin: Ogun State

Nationality: Nigerian

Occupation: Singer, Songwriter

Genre: Afro-Pop, Fuji

Net Worth: Under Review

Koker Biography

Born as Olayiwola Olabanji Kokumo, but popularly named with the stage name Koker, is an African-American singer and songwriter of Nigerian pop music who signed a recording contract with Chocolate City in 2015. Koker is a rapidly growing Nigerian singer who has hit with several good songs and it looks like he just started his promising career.

Olayiwola Olabanji Kokumo better known by his stage name Koker was born and raised in the state of Lagos, Nigeria. Koker is the second child of his big family. His career began to shine brilliantly while he was at the University, where he had a series of remarkable adventures in the Unilag music scene and participated in the composition and interpretation of the official Unilag theme in 50 carnivals in 2012, consisting of four songs for the Eko sport festival in Tafawa Selewa square, on the island of Lagos, the same year. In addition, he also composed 4 tracks for the Eko Sports festival in Tafawa Balewa Square, on the island of Lagos in 2012.

Its brightness began when it launched “Do Something” in 2015 and was able to get local recognition. According to the next singer, his key influence in his career are King Sunny Adé, Shina Peters and Ebenezer Obey, the sound of Koker is a fusion of Afrobeat, Jùjú and Afro-Pop. Koker appeared on the 2015 Chocolate City compilation album, The Indestructible Choc Nation Boi.

In 2016, he signed a sponsorship agreement with Cloud 9, an online music streaming company based in Nigeria. Koker is a Nigerian musical artist who graduated in creative arts at the University of Lagos in 2015, started singing at the age of 14 and was able to develop his musical art beyond our imagination.

Despite being a native of the state of Ogun, he grew up in the state of Lagos. His career progressed in 2015 after he signed with the Chocolate City label, although he has been present since 2013 after recording the hook for Pryse in his single “Eleto” in the studios of the LAMP house. Koker’s first major single was “Do Something”, produced by Mex, which was released in December 2015. This song gave him more credit and therefore increased his fan base. So far he has released new songs including Kaabo, Heartfelt, Rich and many others.

The big jump in his career occurred at the beginning of 2016 (January) when he published “Kolewerk”, which has remained his most successful song all this time. “Kolewerk” was a bangar club that was widely accepted and passed the chat for several months.


Koker Age

How old is Koker? Koker was Born on February 25, 1993, currently 26yr old as at 2019

Koker Education

Which School did Koker attended? Koker received primary and secondary education in Lagos and graduated from the University of Lagos in 2015.


Olayiwola Kokumo’s career

Koker started singing at the age of 14, but his career officially began while he was at university, where he had a number of important companies in the Unilag music scene and participated in the composition and interpretation of the official song of the Unilag theme.

In 2012, he composed four songs for the Eko sports festival on Lagos Island, Tafawa Belewa Square.

In 2013, he recorded the hook for Pryse in his single “Eleto” in the studios of the LAMP house.

He received local recognition when he released “Do Something”, produced by Mex in December 2015 after signing a recording contract with Chocolate City in the same year. He appeared on the 2015 Chocolate City compilation album, The Indestructible Choc Boi Nation.

The big jump in his career occurred in January 2016 when he released “Kolewerk”, which remained his hit song. “Kolewerk” was a bangar club that was widely accepted and top of the charts for several months.

in 2017, launched “Bokiniyen”

Koker Net Worth

Putting all his assets and endorsement deals into consideration, Koker has an estimated net worth of $500,000 US Dollar, according to several sources,

Koker Net Worth in naira

Koker net worth in naira is Calculated to be #180,000,000.00million naira with the conversion rate of #360 per dollar ($500,000 * 360 = 80,000,000.00)

About Koker parent

Koker Parent are yet to be known to the public, we will keep you updated as soon as we get latest update about his parent


Koker House and cars

Olayiwola Olabanji Kokumo house and cars is coming soon, Not available right now



T.M Interviews Chocolate City Act, KOKER

Who is KOKER?

KOKER is a musician and recording artiste signed to Chocolate City. I do contemporary Afro juju, contemporary Afro pop basically because I believe in selling my culture and my sound to the world. I also believe in selling versatility.

Can you tell us about your contract with Chocolate City? When was it launched?

Oh recently, a couple of months back. Of course it is very fair and we thank the Lord.

Let’s talk about your humor and wit in your recent featured single, ‘Gerrarahere’ with Falz.

I had the song already, the beat and the hook ready, I just thought to myself who is the best guy to give this song to? Falz! That is his market, he is known for comic stuffs. I called him up and he voiced it, the next day I got 5missed calls from him and it’s doing pretty well.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I listen to sounds from Beautiful Nubia, Asa, Ebenezer Obey, Sir Shina Peters and John Legend. I pick different things from different people.

How old is KOKER?

KOKER is a very young man. (Lol) slightly below and between 20

Is there any other passion other than music?

Yes, I have a lot of ideas and concepts and means to execute it. I love to dance and act.

Who is MI ABAGA to you?


(General Laughter)

That’s my brother, my friend, my guy, my CEO!

MI is known to be a gateway for people in this industry, so many people. When he comes by we don’t relate like boss to artiste, we play around, we talk and keep it real. It is not how most people see it, we are family. CBN, that’s what it is.

Are there projects from KOKER worth looking out for?

Yes, of course, i am working on collaborations; I am working on more singles and all. And like I always say: endorsements hopefully.



Koker Songs As Lead Artist

  • 2017 “Bokiniyen”
  • 2015 “Do Something”, “Kolewerk”
  • 2016 “Kolewerk (remix) (Olamide), “Give Them”

Koker Songs As Featured Artist


  • “Rich”
  • (M.I featuring Koker)
  • 2015 “Rotate”
  • (Stunt featuring Koker)
  • “Blessings”
  • (G-Plus featuring Milli, Koker & Dice Ailes)
  • “Alujo”
  • (Black Market featuring Phenom & Koker)


  • “Gerrarahere”
  • (Falz featuring Koker)
  • “You Garrit”
  • (Shodyreeks featuring Koker)
  • “Awon Temi”
  • (Loose Kaynon featuring Dice Ailes & Koker)
  • “Atarodo”
  • (DJ Spicey featuring Jumabee & Koker)
  • “Don’t Go”
  • (DJ Combs featuring Ink Edwards & Koker)
  • “Sisi Maria”
  • (Omo Akin featuring Skales & Koker)


  • “Owo”
  • (Klever Jay featuring Koker)
  • “Gan Gan”
  • (DJ Shabsy featuring Koker)
  • “U Name It”
  • (Pryse featuring Big H & Koker)
  • “Day 1”
  • (Ice Prince featuring Koker)

Awards And Nominations

Koker was nominated for the following awards ;

  • The Headies Rookie of The Year 2015
  • Top Naija Music Awards Artiste Of The Year 2015
  • TooXclusive Awards Best New Artiste 2015
  • The Headies Best Street Hop Artiste 2016
  • Top Naija Music Awards Artiste of the Year 2016
  • TooXclusive Awards Best Street Hop Artiste and Next Rated 2016




I have no issue with MI — Koker

Hip hop artist Olayiwola Kokumo, also known as Koker, clarified why he ended his record deal with the seal of Chocolate City’s rapper MI Abaga.

When it was recently reported that the musician was no longer tied to the record label, it generated mixed reactions from the audience; Some claimed to have personality problems with the MI, while others felt that he had not been given much attention during his four-year stay.

However, in an interview with our correspondent, Koker, through his manager, Ibrahim Bello, stated that he had a very cordial relationship with the MI.

He said: “We have a very cordial relationship. When it is time to do business, we work and vice versa. We have had many performances together and if you look at MI, it is in a completely different street. It is the team leader and all he does is discover, generate talent and offer them the best exposure possible “.

Speaking of the alleged lack of attention on the part of the label, Koker said: “Everyone was given at least a fair level of presence on the scene. I have had strong consecutive successes, which have supported the efforts of the label and I knew the importance of having to give priority and give my strength to the label “.

The artist pointed out that he still had a very strong relationship with the label, because the resolution reached at the end of the contract was that both parties remain as a family.

He added that his first song, Daddy, produced after leaving his old label, attracted a lot of attention.


Koker’s contract expired before he left Chocolate City – MI

The rapper and president of Chocolate City Music, Jude Abaga, also known as MI, insists that there is no bad blood between the record label and its former artist, Koker.

The rapper, who just released his fourth studio album, Yung Denzel: A Story on Self Worth, told Sunday Scoop that the company was proud of Koker’s progression as an artist.

He said: “Koker has just founded his record company, but says that Ailes has still signed with Chocolate City. Koker has been with us for five years and his contract expired before he left. ”

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On the claims that Koker had left unhappy, MI said he had not heard it yet or read it. He added: “I feel I have to answer to free the air. Koker didn’t wake up one day and left Chocolate City. He had a five-year contract with us and we are proud of what he did. No one knew him before joining us, but now he is popular in the music industry “.

In response to Wizkid and Burna Boy’s support of a South African artist, Nasty C, as the greatest rapper in Africa, MI said he had no problem.

He said, “Nasty C is taking rap music to another level right now; he is doing a great job. I cannot count how many times Wizkid has called me the biggest rapper in Africa. It is unwise to want to be called the best all the time. I think my focus now is always to do my best, not to be the best. I am a big fan of Nasty C and I appreciate everything he does.

“Since I called out Nigerian rappers to fix up their lives, I have seen changes. I believe that we have great and talented rappers in Nigeria; I was just trying to wake them up from their slumber.”

He, however, insisted that his new 10-track album was very deep and personal to him.

He narrated, “This album is more personal to me and deeper than my previous albums. I like you to listen to it and tell me what you feel about it. I talked about mental health, low self-esteem, depression and other issues people battle with every day. I like all the songs; I don’t have a favourite track.”

MI said he was deliberately vulgar on a particular track to pass a message across to people who pretend.

He stated, “The concept of the song where I talked about sex is to pass a message to people who pretend. Of course, when we send it to radio stations, we will censor some parts. As an artiste, you make choices creatively in what you do. If you listen to the song from the beginning to the end, you will understand what I am trying to do. But I am aware that not everyone will agree with what I do.”


Kenya food didn’t make me miss home — Koker

Nigerian singer, Olayiwola Kokumo, popularly known as Koker, speaks to JOY MARCUSabout fond memories of his trip to Kenya

What country did you have your most memorable travel experience?

That would be Kenya, a country in East Africa, with its coastline on the Indian Ocean. I travelled to the country in 2017.

What was the purpose of your trip?

I had a few musical performances there and I stayed at a very beautiful hotel for about a week.

What was the first thing that impressed you about the country?

They have very good foods which are only slightly different from Nigerian food. When I tasted their food, I didn’t feel like I was far from home. I ate a very tasty meal that had vegetable leaves in it but I can’t remember the name right now. Meanwhile, they are very peaceful people and they have some basic amenities like electricity. They also pay attention to details.

What did you see in Kenya that you would love to have replicated in Nigeria?

There is nothing in particular that I would love to see replicated in Nigeria but their level of organisation is to be emulated. Kenya is a great place and I had a very fantastic time during the period I stayed there.

What can Kenya learn from us or vice versa?

We can learn a whole lot from Kenya such as how to utilise our resources and generate income for the country and not focus on irrelevant things that don’t help us in anyway. Meanwhile, Kenya can also learn a great deal from us, especially in the entertainment industry because Nigerian entertainment is fast rising and I think there is hardly any country that doesn’t know our music or musicians. We are marketing our sound worldwide which is a proof that we can take our culture to the international level and people will love it even if they don’t understand the language.

What can you say about their music industry?

Kenya’s music industry is growing fast and I will confidently say that Africa, in general, is doing great in that aspect. Kenya’s hip hop music is growing really fast with brilliant musical acts, who are doing great music. I would say Kenyan music is great.

What can you say about Kenyan culture?

I didn’t pay much attention to that but I perceived that they still maintain their unique African culture.

While you were in Kenya, how did you move around?

I had a car allocated to me and I have one or two friends over there that helped me to move around.

Did you visit any interesting places while you were there?

Yes, I did. I went to one of their malls though I can’t remember the name now and I visited some exquisite restaurants too.

Were there any downsides to your trip?

There is none that I can think of.

Were the people friendly towards you?

Yes, they were very friendly towards me. Kenyans are very nice and accommodating.

Did you experience any culture shock?

No, I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary.

What was the highlight of your trip?

I was happy that the purpose of my trip was successful and I met a lot of new people. I also did a lot of networking. It was a very memorable trip and I would love to travel to the country again.

How well do they know about our musicians?

They know a lot about our music and our musicians because Nigeria is the giant of Africa and we are number one in the continental music industry.

What other places would you like to visit?

I would like to visit Madrid, Tanzania and a couple of other interesting places.

Did you buy anything for keepsake during your trip?

No, I didn’t but the next time I visit the country, I would definitely buy something.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to embark on a trip?

Plan and organise well. Get information about the place you are going to and prepare yourself. Get ready to explore and enjoy your trip but be very conscious of your environment.


Koker thrashes talks about rift with Chocolate City

Kolewerk rapper Olayiwola Kokumo, also known as Koker, is doing well in his career right now. With traces of success like Kolewerk ft. Olamide; Doing something, giving them, well, by the way, was able to generate a bit of a stir in the industry.

The Sunday Scoop has recently heard some important points suggesting that Koker has not had good relations with his record company, Chocolate City, and that he has practically left the seal. We called the artist to listen to his version of the story and he said: “Soon I’ll release a new single and I’m also working on an album that will be released early next year.” The album would be published by Chocolate City because they are still with the label. Seems like I’m not with them anymore? There is no truth in any item. My strength is simply that I am myself “.

Recalling some of the sacrifices he had to make during his career, Koker said: “When I was still a student at the University of Lagos, I sold my bed to pay for my study sessions. I was also paying to perform in shows “.


 Ladies randomly send me nude pictures –Koker

The rapidly growing singer, Koker, seems to have set his sights on the prize and nothing holds him back in his quest. Since he released his hit song “Do Something”, the singer has kept pace by releasing success after success.

In a recent interview with Saturday Beats, singer Wavy said his celebrity status turned his social media account into a circus type.

“On social media, some people ask me for crazy things and they forget that I am human. If possible, they could ask for my heart. Some ask for money genuinely and if I can help out, I do so, sadly, if you cannot help some people, they begin to insult and curse you. Some ladies just randomly send me nude pictures,” he said.

The singer was quick to add that once a person is focused on his goals in life every other thing not pertaining to the set desire becomes a distraction. He said, “The ladies are special people and anytime I come in contact with any of them that tries to show me love, I always reciprocate. If they want to take a picture with me, I would oblige them but there would be nothing beyond that. To be honest, it is not easy because any new level in a person’s life attracts more attention from the female folk. People would want to be associated with you but it is left to you to stay grounded and know what is good for you. Once you have a focus, all these things would be mere distraction.”

When asked about his worst fear in life, the singer said that he had only one and that it is for him never to be complacent in life.

“I have the fear of going back to where I came from; I aspire to be greater everyday. I am never contented with any achievement and there is no time to be complacent. Above all, everything that I am today has to do with God. I would not want to over-emphasise the fact that I came from nothing and I am heading somewhere. I was just like every other person back then when I was in UNILAG hustling. I had to pay people money to perform. I sold my bed space to get money to record in the studio and there were so many people that laughed at me because they did not believe I would get to my desired destination in life. People did things to me that were hurtful enough to make me feel discouraged but I tried to pull through. I sold wristwatches at a point to make more money,” he said.

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