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Lady commits suicide 3 months after her boyfriend died

According to reports, a Nigerian woman committed suicide just 3 months after her boyfriend took his own life.

The woman identified as Adenike Fatai was 25 and was reported to have entered the depths of her boyfriend who reportedly drank the poisonous insecticide, Sniper.

The woman reportedly left no suicide message, but a check on her Facebook page revealed that she was doing publications focusing on depression and death and, according to some reports, some people would accuse her and accuse her of causing the death of his deceased boyfriend.

His mother, who confirmed his death, said he was fine, even on the day he took the poisonous substance and never suspected he would be involved in it.

She said:

“That day, she finished cooking around 7pm and ate. She was outside after eating while I went to the mosque. Around 8pm, she came to the mosque to collect the key to our apartment and I told her to check the shop.

“On getting home some minutes after, I saw her lying on the floor with a bottle of sniper beside her. I called for help but it was late.