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Lady cries hard after finally meeting Mayorkun (Video)

A Nigerian woman is becoming viral on social media after being filmed shedding tears uncontrollably when she met the Nigerian singer, Mayorkun.

The woman was so determined to meet the singer who could not avoid it, but shed uncontrollable tears when she stopped in front of her car window. When it seemed that he was not paying close attention, he made an extra effort to overcome an obstacle.

Mayorkun, seeing his determination, called her and the Nigerian star, decided to let her sit next to him in the car. She was super euphoric and couldn’t hold back her tears and heard her say;

I’ve been waiting a long time, I’ve been trying all my life.

The lady’s hard work, in the end, was rewarded when she joined a couple of singers with Mayorkun and appeared on her social media page.

See video bellow:

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