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‘Lawless’ FRSC Officials Beat Up Man In Lagos



Lagos man laments on how three Federal Road Safety Commission beat him up and went away with his driver’s license.

A young Nigerian, Osho Oladotun Johnson, was on Saturday harassed by officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission in Lagos.

According to Johnson, the FRSC officials — A.C Achigili; Olatunji with tag number M10468; and Badeniyi with tag number M1411— stopped him at Ozumba Mbadiwe, Lagos Island.

Johnson narrated how he was flagged down and beaten up by ‘undemocratic and lawless’ FRSC officials.

“I was stopped by the FRSC officials after which they requested for my driver’s license and I gave it to them.

“They also requested for my vehicle license, I mistakenly gave them a wrong one at first and they said it had expired. I checked my car again, gave them the valid one, and apologized to them for giving them the old vehicle license,” Johnson recounted.

He added that the officials were not pleased with him giving them the valid vehicle license as they went ahead to present him a ticket fine of N3,000.

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He said, “They insisted I must pay the fine of N3,000 because they had already issued me the ticket. I was explaining to their team lead, Achigili and told him my driver and vehicle license are up to date. While I was doing that, Olatunji and Badeniyi started taking pictures of my car and me.

“I brought out my phone and did same, as they noticed what I was doing, and they descended on me, they smashed my phone on the floor and started beating me.

“They also smashed the windscreen of my car. The three of them beat me up seriously and they went away with my driver’s license.”

Watch video below.