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Lawyer injured while protecting his parents from kidnappers in Abia

Chris, a lawyer, thanked God for saving his life in a fierce battle with the kidnappers in his home.

The lawyer who told the incident gave glory to God despite having suffered several injuries while facing the kidnappers trying to kidnap his father.

The kidnappers, he said, broke into the house trying to get his father. He admitted that God gave him the power to defend himself, which gave his father the opportunity he had just returned from surgery to escape from them.

The man was brutally attacked by members of the black ax while fighting with them and, although they had not been successful in kidnapping his father, they took away some items that included telephones, portable wrist watches and other precious things.

He especially thanked God for the possibility of being available at home because he would go to look for the service that had been postponed one day of dew days earlier.

He wrote on Twitter:

I have no words but to say thank you to the Most high God who delivered I and my family from the hands of kidnappers and armed robbers. They came to kidnap my father but with strength from Above, I fought em with everything in me.

I did all to protect my parents from being hit with the athey came with as they were black axe members. They used rods, stools but God gave me the strength to fight back which gave my father room to escape. He had just returned from a surgery on thursday before this incident 2day.

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They took our phones, my laptop, our watches as they had failed to kidnap him. I just want to thank God for his mercies and protection over my family. If i had gone for service if the date was not moved, what would have happened? May all praise be to God…