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Linda Ikeji Biography: Net Worth, Age, House, and Cars



Stage Name: Linda Ikeji

Real Name: Linda Ifeoma Ikeji

Date of Birth: Born on September 19, 1980

Birth Place: Nkwerre

Age: 38 years old (2019)

State of origin: Imo State

Nationality: Nigerian

Occupation: Blogger, writer, entrepreneur

Net Worth:$10 million.

Linda Ikeji Biography

Linda Ifeoma Ikeji, popularly known as Linda Ikeji, is a blogger, writer, entrepreneur and former Nigerian model. She became famous after launching her blog and is said to be the best paid blogger in Africa right now. Linda Ikeji was born on September 19, 1980 and is an indigenous woman of Nkwerre L.G.A. in the state of Imo, Nigeria.

Linda Ikeji was born into a family with a very humble background and is the second of seven children. She grew up in a Christian Catholic who comes from Nkwerre, in the state of Imo. His hobby was reading and writing, he officially started writing articles at the tender age of 10 years. She was used to writing fictions that were praised by her family and friends. Later, he found it fascinating to switch to news writing, which is still very good so far. He loves listening to news, watching news and interviews. He completed his secondary education at the age of 17 and obtained admission to the university the following year when he turned 18.

He had the opportunity to study in a college of the University of Lagos, where he chose mass communication, but unfortunately admitted that he studied English, unfortunately. Her family was not very optimistic, she decided to help her find a part-time job as a waitress, a model and a writer. While studying at the University of Lagos, she devised her work model and studied, she was the model of numerous brands, such as the “Rose of Sharon” label, owned by the former president of the Nigeria Fashion Designers Association (FADAN) and Nigerian billionaire. The oil tycoon, Folorunsho Alakija, as well as some fashion shows in the country at that time.

He completed his studies at the University in 2004. This time he tried so much to get into the journalism business, which was when he introduced his communications company, called Black Dove Communications. He preferred to be the boss so he would not receive any command over the top. He loved the comfort of being the boss, instead of being in front of the camera, he chose to be behind the camera managing an agency, registering models, training them and getting jobs.


Blogging Career

In 2006, he started making blogs as a hobby with no intention of uploading it. At that time, there were only a few bloggers in the field, including Bella Naija, another famous Nigerian blogger. She reached the point where some popular blogs started writing about her and at that moment she started to hope that there was something for her in her career. At that time, the Internet was not so important in Nigeria and I had to publish in an internet cafe.

He started writing full-time blogs in 2007 and used his blog as a means to reach people anywhere in the world while they have access to the World Wide Web. He was using a blospot that brings his traffic tones to his blog before move to a higher domain, He began to see a new possibility of bringing his writing to the world. The only problem he faced at that time was the cost of an Internet connection, but to the extent that he can get Internet access, it is very easy to communicate with the world.

He said: “I received about 200 visits a day and for me at that time, it was a great offer, honestly.” Five years later, the lindaikeji blog has become one of the most visited and popular sites, not only in Nigeria but also in Africa in general, a couple of years ago, the great blogger said: “I now receive about 50,000 visits a day from around 180 countries around the world. ” He also revealed that it took about four years of hard work and dedication to Start earning good money from his blog career.

His tireless efforts, passion and dream have earned him the title of “Queen of blogs” in Africa, but this time is not limited to Nigeria. He appeared in Forbes “The 20 Most Important Women in Africa” ​​in 2012 and was the biggest search trend on Google in Nigeria in 2014, and was also interviewed by the BBC.

She has been involved in social media struggles with celebrities and non-celebrities alike. He was even involved in a social media fight with Wizkid and swear words were used during the fight and Wizzy said crazy things that almost arrested him.

A very shocking event occurred on 8 October 2014, when Google closed its blog, which was then restored on 10 October 2014 for reasons that were not clearly indicated. Perhaps, this was the main reason why he moved the content of his blog to a higher domain to have full authority on the blog.

The “Queen of blogs”, Linda Ikeji also runs a non-profit project with the theme “I prefer to be myself, No, thank you”, which aims to help young women become entrepreneurs. He gave 10 million naira in the first phase of the project.

Linda Ikeji Age

How old is Linda Ikeji? Linda Ikeji was Born on  September 19, 1980, currently 38yr old as at 2019


Early stages

After graduating in 2004, she began her career as a model; Represent and work with different brands of popular models in Nigeria.

However, at a time when he had lost interest in modeling and, according to her, he could not fulfill the commitments necessary to become a model. So we dedicated ourselves to recruiting and training other young models that he also left to pursue a career in blogging.

In 2006, Linda Ikeji opened a free blog on Google’s BlogSpot platform. Through his blog, he shared the details of the events surrounding his community in Lagos and finally in Nigeria and beyond.

He had to work from a cafe due to the fact that there was a limited provision for economic data plans available in Nigeria.

At that time, very few people knew that blogs were a profitable career; and also Linda Ikeji started her blog as a means to implement her writing hobby.

After experiencing continuous growth and recognition of a coffee blog in 2006, he gave him the impulse to devote himself full time to blogging next year, in 2007.

He started writing more consistently and, as a result, his blog continued to record steady growth.

For 2010, Lida Ikeji’s blog has reached the spotlight. It has been estimated that approximately 1 million monthly unique visitors would have been obtained.

People from all walks of life have visited their blog to read gossip and exciting stories about their favorite celebrities from around the world.

With such a huge growth came an increase in your blog revenue. Your blog has been monetized with Google AdSense and other sponsored banners.

Linda Ikeji Education

Which School did Linda Ikeji attended? Linda Ikeji got a chance to study in higher institution  at the University of Lagos, where she chose into Mass Communication but admitted to study English Language unfortunately.

Linda Ikeji Net Worth

Putting all his assets and endorsement deals into consideration, Linda Ikeji has an estimated net worth of $10 million US Dollar, according to several sources,

Linda Ikeji Net Worth in naira

Linda Ikeji net worth in naira is Calculated to be #180,000,000.00million naira with the conversion rate of #360 per dollar ($10 million USD* 360 = 3,600,000,000.00)

About Linda Ikeji parent

Linda Ikeji Parent are yet to be known to the public, we will keep you updated as soon as we get latest update about his parent



Linda Ikeji has been criticized on several occasions for adopting a controversial style of blogging. Several celebrities including Wizkid, Funke Akindele, Davido and many more were at some points in disagreement with one or more publications on her blog.

Another controversial post was the #SaveMayowa campaign which drew several unwanted attention to her.

The spotlight moment of it all was when Google shut down her blog on the 8th of October 2014 due to one or more of her articles violating certain Google terms of use.

However, her blog downtime only lasted for 2 days. On the 10th of October 2014, around midnight, her blog was restored back online. But Google didn’t disclose the exact reasons for shutting it down.

Meanwhile, Kola Ogunlade, a Google correspondent, said this in a statement “We take violations of policies very seriously as such activities diminish the experience for our users.

“When we are notified of the existence of content that may violate our Terms of Service, we act quickly to review it and determine whether it actually violates our policies. If we determine that it does, we remove it immediately,” he added.

The statement from Kola Ogunlade sounded more like a general speech and not directly stating what policy Linda Ikeji indeed violated, leaving her fans on the guessing side.


Moving from the BlogSpot platform

Linda ikeji’s blog was previously, a free domain name from Blogger/ This is as a result of moving her blog from the BlogSpot platform, probably as a result of threats from Google to shut down her blog permanently if it ever violated Google’s terms of use.


Linda Ikeji’s relationship

Linda Ikeji’s report has been the subject of numerous speculations; however, no one was able to determine who he was dating until shortly after giving birth to his son.

He called his son Jayce Jeremi, who helped confirm the rumors that he was actually dating Sholaye Jeremi, a man from Itsekiri of Delta State; a successful investor in Nigeria’s oil sector.


Other ventures

After her blog, she has invested in a TV network, Linda Ikeji TV; online radio station; and a social platform, Linda Ikeji Social.

The biography of Linda Ikeji will not be complete if we do not make mention of her involvement in philanthropy. She has a foundation aimed at helping aspiring young girls start up a trade or develop certain skills.

Personal views & Final words on Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji is considered controversial by some; however, it is imperative to say that it has had a positive impact on more lives in a positive way than I had ever imagined.

He started out as a person who had limited resources and was able to change his life with hard work and sweat.

Linda Ikeji’s biography is a source of inspiration for many aspiring bloggers throughout Nigeria. Right now, there are thousands of bloggers trying to follow their steps towards success.

With her own words, she was not forced to take the easy way by engaging in illegal or degrading activities just to make quick money.

She remained focused and determined to succeed in her own way and according to her own standards.

He remained firm in his true standards even in the face of multiple challenges, to the point of becoming a waitress in a hotel to satisfy his basic needs.

Doing all those low-level jobs to support yourself at school is a long way to show how determined and ruthless the success was, though through legitimate efforts.


Linda Ikeji Cars

Image result for Linda Ikeji Mansion


Can you tell us about Linda Ikeji Social (LIS)?

Linda Ikeji: The unique platform Linda Ikeji Social represents a revolutionary innovation in not just news reporting but also in facilitating social interaction. LIS creates a virtual meeting place that combines the dissemination of news as well as enabling social connection and interaction.
LIS came up as a result of feedback from the blog that people need a platform where they can not only get breaking news, but express their positions on issues as it affects their world. They can also interact and connect with friends as well as get all other important information about products and services around the world. LIS is like online blog and facebook rolled into one.

News sharing is tied to what we do every day on social media. We all have a responsibility to share things we witness that we feel could bring about change in society.
It’s a platform where you can land the home page from anywhere you are navigating from, view notification and messages and also you can submit your story and get paid, as well as make money while networking. I encourage people to sign up on the platform. I dream of being the Oprah Winfrey of Africa.

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How has the journey been so far, from when you were hustling for modeling jobs to becoming a social media mogul?

Linda Ikeji: The journey has been amazing. I didn’t expect to be here today. When I started hustling back then for modeling jobs, the first thing I came across back then was blogging before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram became known and popular. To be honest, when I started my blogging in November 26, 2006, the last thing in my mind was that it is going to change my life as much as it has. It was just a place for me to be creative because I love to write. I didn’t think that five years from then that all these would happen. I didn’t envision that I was going to come this far. It has been an amazing journey and definitely something that I am grateful for. Everyone is on social media but not everyone can say that it has changed their lives so much. I am grateful to God for how far I have come with his help.

Back then, blogging was not that popular, what exactly attracted you to it?

Linda Ikeji: At first, I didn’t know there was anything called blogging. I never heard of it back then. At the time I was a model and kind of people knew me. I was a little popular in my own way. So Bellanaija wrote about me and my friend in United Kingdom sent me the link to the story. So I went to read the story online and that was my first encounter with blogging. Before then, the only thing I do online was just to check my email and that was it. I read the comment and it was a beautiful experience for me. I went back to Bellanaija the next day to read other stories. I was going to Bella’s blog for four months and I discovered other blogs. I enjoyed the whole experience because I loved to write. That has always been my passion. While growing up I wanted to be a journalist. Then one day I told myself that I can as well start mine since I liked the blogs so much. It took three minutes to start a blog and that was how I started blogging.

Some may want to know at what point that Linda Ikeji blog started paying off

Linda Ikeji: When you are passionate about something, you put your all in it and that was what I did. I started blogging consistently and passionately until 2010. It never occurred to me that I have built a lot of followership in that time and brands were watching. By the end of 2010, I had thousands of people following me and I never knew it would translate to money. The first time a company approached me to pay to post something, I found it very strange. I didn’t know that people like Bellanaija and Sahara reporters were charging. I had to ask a friend to send me an advert rate. It was in January 2011 that I had my own advert rate and I started sending it out to people. By February, people started paying me and since then, it’s been great.

Between the time you started and when you started getting paid, was there a time you wanted to give up?

Linda Ikeji: Yes there were many times, I wanted to give up. I had bad times back then but the worst was in September 19, 2010. It was my 30th birthday. I was broke, I was angry because I have been done doing modeling in a long time. I was still struggling, I was still borrowing money, I was depressed because I felt like a failure. I will cry and cry but will still open my laptop and blog. I didn’t know that my breakthrough was at the corner and that God was leading me to it. After my 30th birthday, my life practically changed.

You have blogged a lot of news; positive, negative and controversial especially about artistes. For example Wizkid, what is your relationship with them?

Linda Ikeji: I don’t want to talk about Wizkid. I have a cordial relationship with a lot of entertainers. I have had run-ins with a few of them but in recent times, I haven’t. It was when I was a bit carefree and careless with the stories I write. In a year now, I have not had any big issue with anybody.

How do you handle it when they threaten to sue you?

Linda Ikeji: The only person I have threatened was wizkid. Their threat does not scare me because I believe I do more good for them than bad. And they acknowledge that. Some of them are my friends. Some of them have been to my house, some of them are on my WhatsApp chat. The negativity that comes with blogging is fine. I mean, it’s blogging, you write about people. Some people may take offense; some will react in different ways. I have been doing this for ten years and if by now I am not used to back lash, then I should get out of the business.

If you are asked what you make in a year, what will you say?

Linda Ikeji: I cannot tell you what I make in a year.

Many are speculating that Linda is the richest blogger in Nigeria, how true is that?

Linda Ikeji: About being the richest blogger in Nigeria, I will probably agree. Why I agree is because I talk with a lot of clients and advert agencies and they say that when they bring out an online plan for advertisers, 98% of them choose me. That means 98% of people who advertise online, advertise on my blog. They choose me and others. So I think in all honesty and modesty, I make more money than most. Not more than Punch and Vanguard but regular blogs.

In terms of your news reporting, what lessons have you learnt from your blogging experience?

Linda Ikeji: It has thought me to be careful because as much as you think that you know, there are people who have in-depth knowledge of the story. Sometimes I put up a story and I read comments, from the comments, I go back to make some corrections because there are people who experienced it firsthand. I have also learnt that is important to verify your stories because basically if people rely on your site for information and you mess up a few times, they will not trust your news anymore and they go to other credible sites. And when they go, your advertisers go.

From the feedback you get, do you feel loved or hate?

Linda Ikeji: It is a combination of both. I try as much as possible to hold onto the love and don’t pay attention to the hate. I have grown a thick skin to when people say vile things about me. I just laugh over it because they don’t know me. I mean if Wizkid and Olamide are tongue lashing me because of the story I wrote about them, I can understand that but if I have never written about you and you say vile things about me, I take it that the hate is coming from somewhere that is not my fault. Maybe you are angry about your situation or I remind you of something that you wish you had but you didn’t. I have been there. I have been in a situation where I was angry at people that are successful. I understand that success comes with a lot of hate. I pay more attention to people that say I inspire them.

Have you lost any valuable friendship because of what you do?

Linda Ikeji: No, not really.

What about the time people said that you took money from Dasuki?

Linda Ikeji: I didn’t make a big deal out of the Dasuki issue because it was overwhelming. A friend called me and told me to calm down. I mean, I bought a house on Banana Island for half a billion; people cannot wrap their mind around it. So they will assume you got it from somewhere else. Up until the news broke about Dasuki, I have never heard of him. I never dealt with anyone. I never collected money from anyone. The money I collected was PDP and APC for adverts. It was a few millions. I know that I am not guilty of anything, if not EFCC would have put me in their custody. So when I hear such stories, I can understand where they are coming from. They don’t understand how online blog can give me such money but those who deal online will tell you that I can afford to buy that house twice.

When you get married, what will happen to that house in Banana Island?

Linda Ikeji: I will move to the man’s house. As long it is not a three bedroom flat in lekki. My parents will be there.

You are transforming from a blogger into a full media owner, don’t you think you are taking on quite too much, why not take it a little bit at a time?

Linda Ikeji: I have been a blogger for ten years, I am bored, I want to do something else. I am 36, this is the time I have the energy and passion to run this. I delegate, I have staff now. I have over 30 people that work here so they are the ones running all of these. I don’t limit myself at all. I believe there is absolutely nothing I cannot do. I get like six hours a day. I sleep five hours in the night.

People believe you don’t write negative stories about your friends?

Linda Ikeji: That is not true. If I write negative stories about people, I won’t be here talking. I will be hiding somewhere because I get a lot of stories. I would rather they take a picture with me when they see me than threaten me. I make money from writing positive stories so why should I concentrate on negative stories.

You released a video on your birthday talking about some personal stuff, what influenced that?

Linda Ikeji: It’s now that I want to marry. I didn’t want to marry earlier. I just got emotional a bit and it was my birthday and I just wanted to get things off my chest. It was my birthday as I wished I was married.

But do you get proposals? Back then and now, how are the proposals coming?

Linda Ikeji: I have always had proposals. People say when a woman is successful, men run away, it’s a lie. That is when they chase you the more but unfortunately, I have not seen what I am looking for. Men are not scarce. It is the type of men that I am looking for that is scarce. I want a man that I can look up to. I want someone that inspires me. I want a man that will push me to achieve more. I want someone who has achieved some success in his own career. Someone I can learn from. I am inspired by successful people. I can’t wait to meet someone like Tyler Perry.

So you cannot marry a poor guy?

Linda Ikeji: No I cannot marry a poor man. He does not have to be overly rich but he must be successful in his own career. When I was 30, my standards were very high. I was so focused on work. I have been so ambitious. I was not focused on marriage and kids because I know that would draw me back. It is just recently that I told myself that ‘Linda, you are 36, four years to 40. What are you doing?’ At 30, I had a long list of how I want my would-be-husband to be. When I turned 35, I reviewed the list and not, there are only three options on the list. My top three: A good man; successful and a man that will not stifle me or stop me from what I am doing presently, because I cannot be stifled. A man that is carrying and sexy. He also must be good in the bedroom.

What about the part where people say that you are 46 and not 36 years old? Why do you feel comfortable to talk about your age unlike many women?

Linda Ikeji: It is very simple to tell anyone’s age. I mean, once you tell me the year you finished secondary school, I can tell your age. I finished secondary school in 1997 from Lagos Anglican Girls Grammar school. I was 16 going on 17. If I am 46 then I finished secondary school in the 80’s. The following year 1998, I entered university of Lagos.

Linda Ikeji House

Image result for Linda Ikeji Mansion

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