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Loyalists of Abiodun and Akinlade clash at Ogun governorship tribunal

The services of the Ogun Elections Application Court were left unresolved on Wednesday, after loyal to the state governor, Dapo Abiodun and the candidate for governor of the Allied Movement, Adekunle Akinlade clashed, leaving some people injured.

The action saw the president of the court, Judge Yusuf Halilu, read the anti-riot act, warning that he would not tolerate any act of violence by supporters of any political party.

Akinlade is challenging the victory of the All Progressive Congress in the election of the governor.

The problems started when faithful to the two politicians dressed in uniforms rained abuses outside the judicial structures while the court hearing continued in the morning.

The situation became uncontrollable after the court went into recess when the thugs tried to attack Akinlade as he left the courthouse structures in his vehicle.

The hooligans started throwing bags of water and stones into their vehicle and singing offensive songs by escaping from hooligans with the help of security agents.

After Akinlade escaped from the thugs, his loyalists and the governor of the state engaged each other.

Meanwhile, Judge Halilu read the anti-riot act when the court rejoined after recess.

Akinlade lawyer, Isiaka Olagunju, informed the court that Akinlade’s life, his lawyer and his supporters were no longer safe behind the alleged attack he had made by APC supporters.

The court frowned over the incident, recalling that it was the second of its kind since the court began to sit down.

He said the court would be forced to ask the state police commissioner to appear before him to give him instructions to strengthen security at the court’s facilities.

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“It is very sad that we are experiencing this kind of situation again. This will be the second time. We will be compelled to invite the Commissioner of Police and we will give instructions to supporters of all political parties to stay clear of this tribunal.”

“We have been enjoying tremendous peace since the commencement of this tribunal. We will not sit here and allow anything happen to any of us. We have to put all hands on deck to ensure we do not have a repeat of this.”

“I have seen the first petitioner (Akinlade) times without number, cautioning his supporters whenever they try to make noise in the courtroom.”

“Political leaders should talk to their supporters to give peace a chance. Politicians are all one. Support your candidate, don’t embarrass your candidate. There is no law that supports you throwing stones at anybody.”

“Tell your supporters to leave this matter for us. That is why we are here. We are the ones you are looking up to; let us do our work, and we will do it without fear or favour,” Justice Halilu said.

Earlier, counsel for Abiodun, Prof. Taiwo Osipitan, SAN, had said that Akinlade’s counsel erred by not discussing the situation with other members of the inner and outer bar before presenting same to the tribunal.

Osipintan added that he was not aware of the attack on Akinlade.

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