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Man leaves hospital, ignores calls after wife delivers stillborn baby



The heartbreaking news of a man who left his wife because he had a dead woman.

According to reports, the man left the room saying he could not see his son in such conditions.

It was also revealed that the man has since refused to answer his calls.

According to a Twitter user who shared the story online, he published:

This woman had a dead son and her husband left the room. She said she couldn’t see her daughter that way, but she’s literally giving birth to a dead baby and you left her there to do it alone. He left the entire hospital. He did not answer his calls. I like it

This has angered so many people and they feel they should be punished for such action.

Read some comments below:

***LOL. A lot of you are quoting this and saying you’d divorce him and you all are seriously angels. I admire your temperance because I would twist his balls off like a Snapple cap, pull his throat out, snap his mandible and blow the base of his skull to Nova Scotia.

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***I hate him for her. If she doesn’t kill him & pray she divorces him. My cousin had a stillborn & her 21yo bf was holding her hand the entire time & kept his eyes on the nurse handling our angel baby. There’s no excuse.

***My heart is hurting for her, I do hope she finds something better 💕

***Many men do that weird shit I had a roommate who had a young daughter who had horrible seizures to the point she needed to have brain surgery everyone she went to the hospital with her man he would leave he