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Man stabs, robs his former employer for sacking him

A 27-year-old man has been arrested for stabbing and robbing his former employer in Ogun state.

The man identified as Ebuka Everest is said to have tied his former employer, Theresa Nnamdi’s legs, stabbed and robbed her for sacking him.

According to reports, Ebuka, who used to work at Nnamdi’s fish farm allegedly forced his former boss to transfer the sum of N40,000 into his account and took some valuables as revenge for his dismissal from the farm.

The suspect had earlier attacked the manager of the farm before he attacked his former employer at her house.

Ebuka was sacked from the fish farm after he reportedly stole some items on the farm and was caught by the farm manager. His dismissal infuriated him and made him pounce on his employer and the manager.

On interrogation, the suspect claimed to have worked with the victim for four months and that he was living with the family throughout that period. .

He stated that his problem started when he was swindled of his four months’ salary by an online scammer who promised to help him travel abroad but ended up duping him.