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Man who resist to share to $49,000 proceeds from Love Scam by fellow Nigerians kidnapped



A Nigerian man who resisted sharing with his associates the income collected from the victims of a Love Scam union was kidnapped by his countrymen in the Batu Caves last Saturday.

However, he was later rescued by the police after raids on two hotels in Mahkota Cheras and Selayang.

Reportedly, the 32-year-old victim was kidnapped by up to six Nigerian men in two Honda City cars.

ACP Samsor Maarof, chief of police in the Gombak district, said that in the raid on Mahkota Cheras, the police captured three men and a woman, while two other men were arrested in Selayang.

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“All those arrested are Nigerians, aged between 21 and 35. The victim was found safe,” he said on Sunday.

He announced that the abducted Nigerian had original travel documents, while the six arrested had no valid travel documents.

It was concluded that the victim was kidnapped for refusing to distribute $ 49,000 (RM206.559) they had obtained through Love Scam activities.