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Moment a building collapsed in Anambra (video)

A 2-story building collapsed again in Anambra state after a heavy downpour.

In a new video that is now becoming viral on Internet, a 2-story building that seems to be still under construction has completely collapsed, as it was surrounded by floods.

The horrible moment which shows the collapse of the building has been captured by a spectator and this will leave you stunned. This is a great final loss for the owner, but at the moment we cannot confirm if there is any fatality.

Watch the video below.

In recent times, there have been several reports of buildings collapsing in Anambra state like last month, a video of a 2-storey building in Nkisis-Alori street, Inland Town, Onitsha collapsing after a heavy down surfaced online.

There have been several other building collapse in Anambra state for a while now and it is something that needs proper attention by the government to ensure buildings being constructed are safe.