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Naira Marley reveals shocking prison experience



Nigerian popstar Azeez Fashola, also known as Naira Marley, revealed what he found in prison.

Marley was released from prison on Saturday after fulfilling the terms of his bail.

It was drafted by the Econmic and Financial Crie Comissions, EFCC, for Internet fraud issues, also known as “yahoo yahoo”.

Speaking for the first time from his bail, the singer recounted his experience in prison.

He wrote on Instagram, “I had to help a lot of niggas in jail. I met one guy, he has been in jail for 9 years but never been to court, as they haven’t even found him guilty yet. What if he is not even guilty?

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“I met another nigga in jail. [He has] been in jail for over 2 years because he is in a relationship with rich woman’s daughter and the woman locked him up for not leaving her daughter.”