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Details of what Ndume and Lawan said after their nominations

Senator Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan, representing Yobe North, was appointed to compete for the Senate president of the ninth national assembly.

Similarly, Ali Ndume was also nominated to compete and, in effect, the duo is in the competition for the position of President of the Senate.

The NASS secretary, Mohammed Ataba Sani-Omolori, while presiding over the tense poll, announced that the voting model will be implemented through a secret voting system.

However, during his acceptance speech, Lawan said: “This is an opportunity to work together and remain united as an institution.

“Sustain good governance in this country.

“As representatives of Nigerians, we are faced with the reality of ensuring that nothing comes between us.

“We shall ensure to work as a team. I’m of the APC stock and with the PDP, I believe that having come here, the story we can tell is that we have been able to work together and deliver those essential legislations.

“Provide security, welfare. Security tomorrow will be better than security today. We shall ensure employment, sustain the economy that will work for all Nigerians.

“I will work with all of you and ensure that our political differences will not hinder us for patriotic reasons”.

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Also, Ndume said, ” I have a nine point agenda to run the office of the Senate President.

He said, ” I will change the office of the Senate President to senators President.

“It will be an office of an individual that will be one among equal.

“Powers of the lawmakers virtually have been taken over by the office of the Senate President. And I will ensure that such a scenario will cease to exist.

“I will create and work for interdependence between the legislature and Executive without compromising the independence of the legislature.

“I will promote security, infrastructure and fight against corruption. Also, yearly budget being sponsored by domestic and external borrowing will be minimised.

“There will be three months timeline within which to pass the budget. In my thinking, the timeframe is enough.

“I will work hand in hand with the executive.

“Also, I will look into the controversial issue of the constituency project with a legal backing.

“I will take care of the welfare of my colleagues, NASS workers and former colleagues.

“I will also make sure that we should control our resources without leaving it entirely in the hands of presiding officers”.

Meanwhile, the election is currently ongoing.

Details later…