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‘Never open your legs for pigs’ – Gifty Powers warns ladies

Reality TV star, Gifty Powers shared her view of sex in a relationship, she says, ladies should not be given to “pigs”.

Gifty, who intervened in the recent trend of women claiming that some of the leading Nigerian celebrities are the parents of their child, also wished Barrack Obama to be the father of his son.

She also warned women not to open their legs for pigs who do not have a plan for their future but depend on money women earn.

Gifty Powers wrote “This one wey everybody dey claim top celebrity as the father of their child…well me I so desperately wish I can say Barack Obama is the father of my child too…with so much pride in my heart, I will so shake the universe.

“So please ladies be careful who you open your for oo…never open legs for pigs who don’t have plan for their future and who always depend on women (money). “

Recall Gifty Powers was enmeshed in a paternity scandal with singer, Mr 2Kay shortly after welcomed her daughter in 2018.

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