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Nigerians react to battles between Aisha Buhari, Mamman Daura’s family

Some Nigerians have reacted to the stalemate between Aisha Buhari, wife of President Muhammadu Buhari and the family of Mamman Daura.

We recall that while Aisha Buhari was out of the country, an online video appeared that showed she was locked in a room in the presidential Villa, Abuja.

Upon her return, she confirmed the authenticity of the video and said that Daura’s family, Buhari’s cousin, had prevented him from entering a room in the Villa.

But Fatima rejected Aisha’s request, saying that the President’s wife attacked and rained insults against her.

Fatima also stepped forward to provide all the details of what happened between her and the President’s wife that led to the shooting.

However, Nigerians, who taken to Twitter, expressed differing opinions on the stalemate between Ms. Buhari and the Daura family.

The tweets compiled by Latest Nigeria News say below:

@Nedunaija: “I thought Sai Baba-ians (read: Buharideens, Buharistans, Buharists, etc etc) claimed it was Atiku that cooked up the video of someone pretending to be angry Aisha Buhari in the villa?
So it turns out it was really Aisha? Make una dey talk wetin una know sha o.”

@Isamaila_Gdk: “What is the family of Mamman Daura doing in Aso rock? In fairness and honesty, the family of Mamman Daura should not be there and Aisha Buhari is free to express her anger. She is the First Lady and Aso rock is her residence she has a say.”

@Itz_Abdelmalik: “And the most surprising and annoying news is that Mamman Daura and children have more authority in the villa than Aisha Buhari and kids.”

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@emmaikumeh: “Why blame Mamman Daura for bringing his family to the Villa? Was it not Buhari that gave him the glasshouse in the Villa? We should be blaming Buhari, for not putting his house in order.. If Aisha Buhari can’t stand Daura.. It’s a shame such news is coming out In media.”

@Ade_Nurayn: “We know it is always difficult for husbands to do but Buhari should be able to draw the line and tame his folks. Imagine the level of disrespect that Aisha Buhari is putting up with… Not only from Mamman Daura but even from Mamman’s children.”

@von_Bismack: “Inasmuch as may not be in the same team with @aishambuhari, but mamman Daura’s daughter breached a protocol by filming our first lady. Protocols are meant to be obeyed.
This video of Aisha Buhari goes to confirm the stranglehold of the cabal on @MBuhari.”

@Morris_Monye: “Nigerians stand with Aisha Buhari over any Mamman Daura. But experience over the years has taught me not to comment on family issues.”

@ardekoyah: “I will say this again, buhari, Fatima Duara, and Aisha buhari case is a mere family matter, do you expect the president to be ruthless to his own niece, we all are on this table, let’s stop been hypocritical.”

@LawluqA: “You can’t blame Fatimah so much, it’s still the same Aisha Buhari. Don’t forget the office of the first lady doesn’t exist since 2015.”