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NSCIA Deputy President-General dies at 87

Alhaji Sakariyahu Babalola, The Deputy President-General of the Nigeria Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), has died.

According to The Nation, Alhaji Babalola, who was also President-General of the Muslim Ummah of Southwest Nigeria (MUSWEN) was a philanthropist.

He was Chairman / Executive Director of Telemobile Nigeria Limited.

Popularly known as SOB, the late Alhaji Babalola was buried in Lagos on Wednesday according to the Islamic mandate.

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The janazah (prayer for the dead) will take place in the Central Mosque of Lagos, Idumota.

The main imam of the state of Lagos, Sheikh Sulaimon Oluwatoyin Abou-Nolla, should lead the Janazah.

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