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Okorocha insists the nation must revert to a unicameral system of legislature

Senator representing the Senate district of Imo and former governor of Imo state, Rochas Okorocha, insisted that the nation should return to a unicameral legislative system to reduce costs.

At a press conference following Tuesday’s plenary session in Abuja, he said, Nigerian leaders must make sacrifices to increase the nation’s interest.

According to him, the nation can do things well only when all the leaders are ready to make sacrifices, saying that every state must present a senator to make laws on behalf of state citizens in the National Assembly.

Speaking about the controversy, his contribution on the issue was generated a few weeks ago, Okorocha said, his colleagues cited him out of context, pointing out that it was necessary to reduce costs for lawmakers.

“I have probably been misunderstood by my colleagues on what I said on the floor of the Senate that a state should produce a Senator.

“Nigeria is a large country blessed with intelligent people we need to sacrifice and also harness our potentials to get the nation moving ”

Okorocha disclosed that he was already working towards achieving the aim of making sure that there was one Senator per State.