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Okorocha wants House of Reps scraped

Senator Rochas Anayo Okorocha conducted a survey to reduce parliamentarians representing each state of the federation, stating that the nation can no longer pay its own costs.

Okorocha, a former governor representing the western Senate district of Imo, said this as he contributed to a report by the MTEF committee on Thursday’s Senate plenary session.

He criticized the bicameral legislature, saying that there was nothing too sacrosanct that the senators and members of the House of Representatives were doing that only the senators could not do.

In his reaction to the 2019 budget deficit, which was revealed by the report of the National Budget and Planning Commission, the former governor said, the government was spending too much money on legislators.

“Mr. President of the Senate, distinguished colleagues, let’s tell ourselves the truth. Look at the number of House of Representatives members and Senators. ”

“To me, what is too important that a House member is doing that a Senator from the same state is not doing?”

“It is time for us to sacrifice and I want to say that a Senator is enough to represent a State in order to cut cost. We must do sacrifice for the nation. ”

Okorocha added that government should spend more money on production that would yield revenue for the country rather than capital expenditures.

Reacting, Senate President, Dr Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan said, the Constitution provided for the practice of bicameral legislature, saying Okorocha was at liberty to sponsor a bill recommending one Parliament.

Senate President explained that the existence of upper and lower legislative Chambers was to enable lawmakers think deep and constructively for the country.