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PDP govt unlawfully allocated over 90 Kwara properties – AbdulRazaq



The governor of Kwara state AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq said that over 90 publicly built properties were illegally appropriate for some officials of the previous administration.

Meanwhile, the Governor set up a committee of 15 members to carry out a comprehensive assessment and recommendation of the parameters of the vulnerable indicator of the social assessment Kwara state (KW-SAVI), a key part of AbdulRazaq’s state cleansing plan and avoid the environment. disasters

The committee will be chaired by the former chief judge of the state of Kwara, judge Raliat Elelu, while the secretary is Shuaib AbdulGaniyu, deputy director of the governor’s office.

The committee will be inaugurated Monday (today) by the secretary of the state government Prof Mamman Saba Jibril.

Speaking of the embezzlement of public property, AbdulRazaq said the revealed convictions came from the report of Senator Sulaiman Ajadi’s committee that he had set up to investigate the management of public assets since 1999, complaining that such action deprived Kwara of housing needed for dignitaries state visits.

“The (Senator Ajadi) committee did a very good job. They submitted two reports and we’re waiting for the final report. It is unfortunate that from my little reading of it so far, people just shared government property as if it was their fiefdom. They did not even think for one second that it was government property”.

“For example, you give property to Harmony Holdings to invest on behalf of the state as trust and those in Harmony Holdings just shared the properties among themselves, even selling below the valuation prices. Even those in government did the same thing. There is a new layout called New GRA, none of them went there to build new houses because it was cheaper to pick government houses for next to nothing rather than build their own houses. We will look at the recommendations.

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“In fact, some of them just live in those houses without paying anything while most of them only started paying after the election was won and lost to the extent that the state government does not have enough accommodation to accommodate dignitaries and traditional rulers from other states to host them rather than putting them in the hotel. That’s how they shared the property and we are looking at more than 90 properties which they carved out for themselves. We’ll go back to the report of the panel and make sure the proper thing is done.”

The Governor said the Raliat Elelu Committee will look into environmental issues such as unlawful dumping of waste and other violations that hurt public planning and endanger public health.

“We have also set up a committee in place headed by Justice Raliat Elelu to look at the issue top down on environment and once they submit their report things will start changing. If you drive through our major roads, you will see rubbish all over the places. But give us time all these will be a thing of the past,” the Governor said.