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Photo of a lady standing up at her own funeral (Photo)



A mother accused a doctor after her son died because of his attitude at the general hospital, Ikorodu, Lagos.

The mother went to her page on social media to tell how her 9-month-old baby died without any first aid treatment in the emergency department of Ikorodu general hospital due to the attitude of the doctor on duty.

He captioned the image;

This lady passed away and they have her body standing up at her funeral. May look odd but this shows some real improvement.

See some reactions from social media below.

So she is walking into her grave? Wow!!! 🙌🙌🙌😂😂😂😂 – hot.sensationz

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She really has no shadow👀👀😲😲 – flyderapper1

Some real improvement on what exactly? Ko ye mi… Is she going to catwalk to her grave? What’s wrong with u people 🙄🙄 – eniola_jolade

I cant attend such funeral sha.. I don’t need nightmares… how on earth did they even get to do that shit – tildapearl

It’s all improvements till she starts walking. If anybody calls Jesus Jesus, the slap I’ll wire you from here ehn – jesuschrist_of_nigeria

Why are you people suffering that woman, let her rest Abeg 😂😂😂😂 – _churchilljunior

Lawd knows I ain’t comin for that funeral. Imma run/roll my ass out wen I see her standing. Too frightening – enaaetuuuk

So Rest in Peace is now Stand in Peace? – princekay_1

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