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Presidential Election Tribunal declines Buhari and INEC’s request

The petition for the presidential election court on Thursday eliminated a request presented by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and President Muhammadu Buhari, calling for the petition presented by the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM) to be rejected.

PDM candidate Aminchi Habu and his party are challenging their exclusion from the February 23 presidential election.

They ask the court to cancel the survey and order the realization of a new one that includes them.

The INEC and Buhari, being the second respondent party, asked the court to file and cancel the petition presented by the PDM because it did not present a preliminary notice within seven days of the closure of the charges, as required by law.

At the time of issuing the sentence, the court rejected the two requests as inmericiosas.

The Panel has argued that the results of its archive showed that the petitioners’ request was indeed presented one day after the closure of the petition’s briefs.

The tribunal held that pleadings closed on April 29 with the last reply of the 1st respondent, while the petitioners had applied for the notice of pre-hearing on April 30, “well within the 7 days provided by law”.

“The petition cannot be deemed to have been abandoned. Application is lacking in merit, it is accordingly refused and dismissed,” Justice Mohammed Garba held.