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Reno Omokri mocks Osinbajo over threat to sue Google

Reno Omokri, former presidential assistant, has made fun of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for his alleged threat to sue the global search engine, Google Inc.

He derided Osinbajo on Saturday after the Vice President wrote to Google about “false allegations” made against him on a YouTube page.

A video released on September 20 on the video sharing site of Roots TV Nigeria stated that Osinbajo “used” federal agencies under his supervision as vice president “to stack funds” for the general elections of 2023.

The accusation is mainly based on a statement made by Katch Ononuju, described in the report as a political analyst.

But the vice president’s lawyers had stated in the letter to Google that the report was false and defamatory.

“The publication is undoubtedly a barefaced attempt to unfairly discredit and expose our client to contempt and ridicule in the eyes of right-thinking members of the society,” the lawyers said.

The vice president demanded that Google remove or suspend the publication immediately or be ready for legal action.

The letter was delivered to the Google office in Lagos.

Reacting via a post on his Facebook page, Omokri wrote: “I use to think Pastor Osinbajo was very intelligent until he threatened to sue Google over a blogger‘s video.

“You are a professor of law. Google is just a host! Where is their liability? Is Osinbajo overrated?

“I never watched the video, but I understand it was also uploaded on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“Will Osinbajo sue them too? Nothing has damaged the aura of intelligence around Osinbajo as his threat to sue Google.

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“Google’s turnover in a year is more than Nigeria’s annual budget. And Osinbajo wants to sue them for hosting a video? With people like these in charge, no wonder Nigeria is now owing P&ID $9 billion.”