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‘Rights of Nigerians should not be trampled’ – Apostle Suleman

Presiding Pastor, Omega fire ministry around the world, Apostle Johnson Suleman, sent a message to Nigerians to celebrate Independence Day.

Apostle Suleman, on the occasion of the celebration of Nigeria at the age of 59, prayed for the restoration of the country, even when he urged Nigerian rights not to be trampled by political greed.

Latest Nigeria News reports that Buhari, through a national broadcast to commemorate the 59th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence in Abuja, said his administration’s attention was increasingly focused on cybercrime and technological abuses. through the discourse of hatred and other divisive material that spreads on social networks.

The President has ordered all citizens to exercise restraint, tolerance and mutual respect when expressing their complaints and frustrations.

Apostle Suleman on his Twitter page said: “On this 59th independence of Nigeria, may we get back our place in the community of nations.

“May our rights be no more trampled on the altar of political greed.

“May God amongst us a new breed without greed. may the best of our past become the least of our future, God bless Nigeria.”